Selected Press Clippings for the PEG Access Community: 01/28/07

Gates: Internet to revolutionize TV in 5 years

By Reuters

The Internet is set to revolutionize television within five years, due to an explosion of online video content and the merging of PCs and TV sets, Microsoft chairman Bill Gates said on Saturday. “I’m stunned how people aren’t seeing that with TV, in five years from now, people will laugh at what we’ve had,” he told business leaders and politicians at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. —>

Why MCTV needs to share with the public on the Coastside

Editorial posted by Barry Parr


What do you do when good people, people you consider to be your friends, make bad decisions—bad decisions that are not only self-defeating, but hurt the community? MCTV does a great job of taping public meetings on the Coastside. They’ve done it for decades and for scant rewards.  —>

City’s highlights show adds spice to public access experience

East Valley Tribune

Last year, Chandler Mayor Boyd Dunn thwarted a plot to divert a truckload of rubberized asphalt needed to complete the Loop 202 Santan Freeway. No, not really. Actually, it was the plot of Chandler’s annual highlights show aired before the mayor’s state of the city speech last January. —>

MCTV should receive appropriate funding

—> Recent state legislation and actions by the Federal Communications Commission addressing video access raise concerns over the continuation of and the amount of funding to be provided by providers of the video service to the local communities. —>

TV cameras focus on town officials: Relaxing at home, residents can watch government at work

All across the East End, residents can watch their town board meetings on cable. The videotaped sessions are shown on special public access channels several times a month. In Southampton, meetings also are available on the Internet. And in a few months, viewers will be able to go right to a specific portion of a meeting to see, for example, debate on a particular resolution.  In contrast, Babylon, Huntington and Islip towns in western Suffolk do not televise their meetings at all. None of Nassau’s three towns do it, either. And one reason could be as simple as a lack of interest.—>,0,4494574.story?coll=ny-lilife-print

Public access TV host creates spoof MySpace pages of city council members
Southwest Journal

City Council Member Gary Schiff (10th Ward) was a little confused when a friend sent him a text message asking to be added to his MySpace page last fall. “I saw it and kind of freaked out because I didn’t know I had a MySpace page,” Schiff said. Unbeknownst to most of them, each Minneapolis City Council Member and the mayor has had a profile on the popular social networking web site since the summer, thanks to the host of a late-night Minnesota Television Network program. Hamil Griffin-Cassidy, host of “Totally Scrabble Tuesday,” a show on which he plays Scrabble against viewers who call him, created the pages with his girlfriend. —>

Adam Bhala Lough Interview

—> How did you learn about filmmaking?

I learned about filmmaking primarily at age 15 when I began working at Blockbuster Video and interning at a Public Access Television station in my neighborhood. I taught myself how to use cameras and how to edit on an analogue video-editing machine.  —>

A Public Agenda for the Future of Communications

Digital Destiny
Jeff Chester

We don’t think it’s time for half-measures or a narrow focus when it comes to principles to govern and shape our digital media system. It’s time for real action, going beyond the current focus on network neutrality and media ownership of broadcasting. Access to broadband–its connections and much of its content– is a “civil right” in this century.  —>

Web site owner fights for tapes of council meetings webmaster battles local cable channel over access
San Mateo County Times

MONTARA — Barry Parr’s Web site got hundreds of extra hits when he uploaded a video clip of a tumultuous Half Moon Bay City Council meeting recorded from local cable-access channel MCTV last February. When MCTV told him to take it down, he knew he was in for a fight. —>

Pacifica cable show leaves its ‘prints’
San Mateo County Times

PACIFICA — After a successful career in the grocery business, James Parsons, 75, never thought he would find work again — much less as the floor manager of an award-winning local cable TV show. But when he was recruited to work on the set of the Pacifica Historical Society’s program, “Footprints of Pacifica,” it was clear he was a natural.—>

Competition Fuels Local TV Growth


Digital convergence – the media trinity of voice, video and broadband – could be coming soon to Claremont, Newport, Springfield and other towns. Two companies, Comcast and FairPoint Communications, recently revealed plans to offer a combination of digital television, telephone and Internet access to their newly acquired customers in New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine. —>

Over The Top: Five Key Take-Aways for Executives
Media 3.0 with Shelly Palmer

—> Cable Operators and Telcos who are trying to become MSOs like to bundle their service offerings into what everyone now calls the “triple play,” video, voice and data. Phone companies have started offering the “quadruple play,” which includes wireless. People who are experts in such matters will tell you that a triple play customer is 40 percent less likely to churn out of a service offering. So it is easy to understand why everyone is pushing the package. —>

What would you like for the capital?
Kennebec Journal & Morning Sentinel

AUGUSTA —> Following on promises during the campaign, Katz said he is also looking to improve the quality of pubic access television broadcasts and appoint a committee to consider changing the layout of City Council chambers. —>

Municipalities getting hooked on wi-fi service
300-plus U.S. communities bow to connectivity demands
Toledo Blade

When Toledo announced plans last week for a citywide wi-fi network, it was catching up with more than 300 communities across the country. And many of those communities are in Michigan. While no state bests California for the number of communities – 31 – with municipal wireless projects either built or under way, Michigan is No. 2 with 13, according to a list compiled by Ohio has four. —>

Disabled man hosts TV show with help of celebrities
The Detroit News

WEST BLOOMFIELD — The first call came from Regis Philbin, the reigning king of morning television, in January 2006. A week later, late-night host Jimmy Kimmel left a message. And so began Jason Antone’s transformation from a picked-on disabled kid to a cable television host whose fame is growing almost as fast as the list of big-time celebrities who call in. —>

Judge says East St. Louis must reinstate cable access operator
Associated Press

EAST ST. LOUIS, Ill. – A man bounced from the local public access cable television station because city leaders thought his programs were too partisan must be reinstated, a judge has ruled. —>

Library memories
The News-Sentinel

—> All of the preschool and day-care programs in the county were invited to attend a free program at the Main library. For 10 days the auditorium was transformed into a fire-safety center for children 2 to 5 years old. These programs were taped and aired on the local access cable television station for use by families throughout the county. —>

Why You Shouldn’t Randomly Promise Tickets To Strangers

When your team makes the Super Bowl, sometimes some promises you’ve made in the past come back to haunt you. That’s what happened to Bears safety Chris Harris, who was on public access earlier this year and found himself in a situation where his mouth was writing checks his ticket stash couldn’t cash. —>

Internet TV: Let There Be Joost
VoIP Now


Joost, formerly known as TVP (The Venice Project) is the new P2P (peer-to-peer) Internet TV client from the boys who founded Skype and Kazaa. I got on the private beta test list… —>

Boxing day: City mulls sites for new telecom service
By Kevin Courtney
Napa Valley Register

The local phone company is about to compete with cable and satellite to offer TV services to Napa residents, but first the pesky issue of where to place refrigerator-sized transmission boxes in neighborhoods must be resolved. AT&T will use its fiberoptic network and a new Internet technology to begin offering interactive, high-definition video services to local homes, possibly by late spring. The new service could be a financial boon for Napa TV, the local public access channels and, to a lesser extent, city coffers, with AT&T paying a 5 percent franchise fee. —>

Re: I Want My MTA-TV
Posted by SelkirkTMO

Gene Russianoff of the Straphangers Campaign said in a better world, the state would have a cable channel that broadcast meetings of public authorities, agencies and boards into homes. Not every roof has a computer under it, he said.

Heh. I contructed and then operated a state channel called NY-SCAN up here in Smallbany back in 1985 whose express PURPOSE in being was PRECISELY this … but the cable industry decided to make it go the way of public access and Mario Cuomo, bending to industry pressure, shut it down. Paturkey came along and then threw away several MILLION dollars worth of television equipment that I’d built plus killed the state agency that would have made it all happen.

Rest assured, Gene … it will *NEVER* happen. The costs of doing it NOWADAYS is beyond insane. I know, I was there … and I BUILT it! (

Pickerington North forward finds comfort in TV re-dos
The Columbus Dispatch

Standing in front of a camera on a television show that might be seen by thousands of people doesn’t intimidate Megan Askew. As a co-anchor for Pickerington North station WPKN, she puts together several shows per week that air on public access cable television. Playing varsity basketball for the Panthers, she said, is a lot more difficult and stressful. —>

Holyoke arrests to stay off air
The Republican

HOLYOKE – City councilors will recommend keeping pictures of sex offenders and those arrested for prostitution off cable television, but will tell people where they can find the information. —>

Cox backs off deadline as city weighs cable firm’s latest offer
Tucson Citizen

Cox Communications tried to force the city to suspend formal cable license negotiations Thursday, then backed off after the deadline Cox tried to impose passed.  The city refused to meet the deadline for what Cox called its final offer in the negotiations. —>

C-U Bogfidential

747 Productions, founded by brothers Gregory and Douglas Berry (who are also professional pilots, hence the name), recently premiered its program WATCH MY SHORTS on ACCESS 4, a public-access channel based at the University of Illinois at Springfield in partnership with the Insight Communications cable company. —>

Action Alert – ATT Proposal To Fayetteville
Author: * Sky at CAT

As was mentioned by long-time journalist Bill Moyers at the recent National Media Reform Conference in Memphis, the media giants will stop at nothing in order to consolidate, not only their profits but their power to control the content of what the average person is exposed to . In recent days, AT&T has made a proposal to the City of Fayetteville which could, in the long run, adversely affect Community Access Television and internet service in the local area. What follows serves to further explain the potential threat which now looms over independent media in Fayetteville. —>

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