Selected Press Clippings for the PEG Access Community: 01/29/07

Interview with Mike Hudack from
by Ajit Anthony
Digital Video Guru

Mike Hudack is the CEO of He is a big presence within the videoblogging Yahoo forum group and by far the most accessible CEO I have ever met. In my interview with him, we covered a range of topics that I think every videoblogger should be thinking about: content rights, advertising, mobile distribution and upcoming features on

Ajit: 2006 seemed like the year of the YouTube. How did and does fit in with all of this?
Mike Hudack: Well, I would argue that 2006 was in fact the year of online video, and that 2007 will also be the year of online video. —>


Internet War: Nothing Neutral About It
By Catherine Holahan
News Factor Business Report

More than a million users have signed a Save the Internet poll in favor of net-neutrality legislation. The concern for many is that network operators will reserve the fastest connections for their own services or those companies that pay premiums, slowing down competitors by comparison and possibly pushing some small companies out of the market —>


Apple TV Knocking off Cable?
Home Theatre View

Alan Graham proposes that Apple’s Apple TV is aiming at the heart of the cable TV business model:

“Is Apple Out to Kill Tivo? by ZDNet’s Alan Graham — Yeah, I’m calling it. I think Apple (and others) are about to send Cable TV and Tivo a clear message…your time is almost up. The Web 2.0 world is about to kick the door in and escort the old methodology to pasture. And I think it is going to happen pretty quickly.” —>


Guest Editorial: The Trouble With the City’s Wi-Fi Proposal
by Sasha Magee
Beyond Chron

Much has been made of the proposed agreement that San Francisco has negotiated with Earthlink that would allow the company to build a citywide Wi-Fi network. But the coverage in the media has been incomplete, and often incorrect. —>


compiled by

Rob McCausland
Director of Information & Organizing Services
Alliance for Community Media

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