Selected Press Clippings for the PEG Access Community: 01/30/07

Salem Oregon Community Television – Your Voice, Your Views
by Lela Taylor

Edward R. Murrow said it best, “This instrument (television) can teach, it can illuminate, yes, and even it can inspire; but, it can do so only to the extent that humans are determined to use it to those ends. Otherwise, it’s nothing but wires and lights in a box.”

(SALEM) – From Mr. Murrow’s time, the “wires” have become computer boards, high tech digital media, and high definition video – a far cry from the times of the glass tubes of old, but the meaning of what Murrow conveyed still applies. —>


Media Reform Comes of Age
by Kevin Howley
Bloomington Alternative

Earlier this month, more than 3,000 concerned citizens – community organizers, working journalists, educators and policy analysts – met in Memphis for the National Media Reform Conference. The third meeting of its kind in as many years, this year’s conference signaled the movement’s coming of age. —>


Vlogging at Access San Francisco
by D. Boyer

The digital age, along with the internet, has brought on a plethora of ways to get messages heard, and stories told, and now the city that experienced the dot com boom and bust is now leading the west coast in teaching new internet media. Accessf, San Francisco’s public access channel at 1720 Market Street is teaching vlogging. For the first time an Internet medium is being taught at San Francisco’s public access station. —>


Kicking the cable TV and land line telephone habit

—> Since I decided to do it, I’ve come across a couple of articles that tout the benefits of ditching cable tv. For example, a blogger at zdnet decided he could save about $300 a year by ditching cable tv and using iTunes and netflix. I also read an article the other day about subscription television. I bring up that link primarily because it’s relevant to my post a little later on and because the author states that he hasn’t been a cable tv subscriber for some time. The point at which it has become difficult to balance the cost of cable television and land line phone services offered has been reached. —>


Local Media Diversity Matters
Measure Media Diversity According to Democratic Values, Not Market Values
by Mark Lloyd, Phil Napoli
Center for American Progress: Media & Culture

Read the full report (PDF)


Moon schools reaches agreement with Moon TV
by Cary Snyder

Moon Twp. – The Moon Area School Board and Moon Community Access Television have reached an agreement that makes the board responsible for the production of its monthly meetings, but viewers at home probably won’t notice a difference. Under terms of the agreement, the public cable station will continue to record the board’s regular monthly meetings with one camera, and the school district will be responsible for the quality of the audio. “You’ll see no real difference in the broadcasts,” said MCA-TV executive producer James Koepfinger.

Last year, 881 of 1,044 households that responded to a survey by the station ranked Moon Area School Board meetings, which are known for lengthy and at times heated debates, as the program they most often watched. But the meetings also ranked as the poorest in audio and visual quality.

Some on both sides expressed concern that one camera was not enough to properly cover the meetings, which sometimes include student performances and special recognitions in addition to comments from board members. —>


Three towns to share public access television station
by Darla Pickett
Kennebec Journal & Morning Sentinel

MADISON — Town officials from Madison, Skowhegan and Anson hammered out initial details for a jointly-owned public access television station. —>


Changing world warrants change in cable regulation
The Decatur Daily – Editorial

Thirty years ago, in the infancy of cable television, it made sense for the Federal Communications Commission to grant local governments the authority to negotiate franchise agreements. —>


Local public television expands to education issues
Central Coast News

Santa Maria’s noncommercial television has grown into its channels – now offering one station each for public access, government and educational programming. After operating with two of its dedicated channels, Santa Maria Community Television on Thursday is launching channel 24 as the dedicated education station. Previously, only channels 23 and 25 were used, airing government and public access programming, respectively. —>


Brazilian TV airs Skunk’ flag flap
by Galen Moore
MetroWest Daily News

MARLBOROUGH – Local pro wrestler Chris “The Skunk” Antal has become infamous in Brazil now that at a national TV program has aired video of the Marlborough resident desecrating a Brazilian flag. In the latest installment of his public access cable show, “Pro Wrestling Monthly,” Antal vilifies Brazilian immigrants and then appears to urinate on their native country’s flag. —>


Why we should be tuning in to TU-TV
by John Lamb
The Temple

It is no secret that Temple’s communications program is one of the best on the East Coast. But that is a hard pill to swallow when a smaller university in our own city is overshadowing our department. Take a short trip north of Main Campus to La Salle University. While the campus is certainly not as aesthetically pleasing as Temple’s, it does beat us in one category and that is La Salle 56, that university’s public access television station. —>

compiled by
Rob McCausland
Director of Information & Organizing Services
Alliance for Community Media

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