Selected Press Clippings for the PEG Access Television Community: 02/02/07

House Telecom Reform/Regulation Committee Testimony
by Mike Wassenaar
“Find Your Voice on Community TV” Blog
My name is Mike Wassenaar. I am the Executive Director of the Saint Paul Neighborhood Network, the non-profit community access television center for Saint Paul. I also serve as the chair of the Alliance for Community Media, a national organization which has supported the work of Public, Educational, and Government or PEG access television channels and facilities across the United States for the last thirty years. I have been asked to present a brief look at Minnesota’s experience with PEG television, and give some perspective about the state’s role in helping Minnesota communities use television to support community education, better inform our citizens, and strengthen local culture. —>

Broadband business to be sold
Kelly Grinsteinner
The Daily Tribune

HIBBING — After more than 40 years of providing television and Internet services for the heart of the Range, Range BroadBand is preparing to sign off. Range Television Cable Company, doing business as Range BroadBand, announced in January its intent to sell its Hibbing-owned assets to Mediacom Minnesota LLC. The transaction is subject to regulatory approval and is scheduled to close in May. >>

“We want to make sure we preserve some of the good features of what Range BroadBand has, plus the three public access channels,” said Wolff, noting that cutting Hibbing Public Access Television back to two channels wouldn’t be enough for their volume of programming. “They’ve done a good job down there, and we want to make sure they have their channels so they can continue what they have going on.” Bill Schleppegrell, station manager of HPAT, doesn’t anticipate any changes. He said the station, which operates three but is allowed up to four channels, is protected by FCC regulations and the current franchise agreement. —>

Will WCCA-TV survive?
Backers tout channel’s harmonizing effect
Clive McFarlane
Worcester Telegram

Mauro DePasquale, executive director of WCCA-TV 13, grew up on Green Hill, which offered him easy access to the park and opportunities to interact and play with kids from Bell Hill, Shrewsbury Street and North High School. —>


Senate Democrats Warn F.C.C. of Tough New Oversight
By Stephen Labaton
New York Times

WASHINGTON, Feb. 1 — Signaling tougher oversight, Democrats who recently gained control of the Senate urged the head of the Federal Communications Commission on Thursday to take a more aggressive approach to the industries he oversees. —>

compiled by

Rob McCausland
Director of Information & Organizing Services
Alliance for Community Media

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