Community Media: Selected Clippings – 02/09/07

Vallejo public television holds grand-opening celebration
By Times-Herald staff

Want to be on TV? You have your chance. The cameras are about to roll at a new community television studio in Vallejo. Budding directors and stars can learn how to get on the air at the Vallejo Community Access Television grand-opening celebration 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday. —>

New Access Corp: N. Reading, MA
by Ruth Kennedy
Alliance-Announce Listserv

Dear Alliance members,
After 19 months of hard work on the part of the North Reading Cable Advisory Committee, I’m happy to announce that the North Reading, MA Board of Selectmen voted to approve the formation of a first Board of Directors for a brand new non-profit access start up. North Reading has had only cable company run local programming in its entire cable TV history. Most recently the franchise is under the ownership of Comcast, who have been less than supportive of local programming.

As an added feature, Verizon came in as a second cable provider in June. Just this past weekend, Verizon and Comcast finalized an agreement that allows Verizon to tie into the Comcast-owned I-net to carry the local programming being generated from the Comcast head end at our high school. It took MONTHS of back and forth at the highest management levels with these two companies to get them to agree. But now Verizon subscribers can finally see Selectmen and School Committee meetings.

Town supervisors share goals
By Greg Lucid
Voice Ledger

—> Wagner also hopes to spread the news of LaGrange to its residents. “I’m trying to get Cablevision and Time Warner to create public access television,” he said. Wagner said that Time Warner currently services the LaGrange town board building, but there has been difficulty in getting a signal to broadcast out through the town. —>

College students organize to reform media
by Dominque Huff
The Story

“People in communications and journalism have a mission to tell others important things going on. It was especially important that these people know what is going on.” Jeanette Forman, coordinator for the Youth Media Justice Project (YMJP) here in Atlanta is seeking to bring together students from many colleges in the Atlanta area to raise awareness about media reform. The project, formed last fall, has conducted a series of monthly meetings and workshops discussing such issues as corporate buyouts of media outlets and net neutrality. —>

Tracking Online Community Participation
By Jeffrey Cole
iMedia Connection

Sharing unreleased data and insights from the USC Annenberg School’s Center for the Digital Future’s sixth year report — which tracks the changing impact of the internet year to year — Dr. Jeffrey Cole focuses on the rise of user-generated content and online communities and their impact on brand and traditional media. —>

[Presentation] Download it now


Schools’ pilot project will test public access: Change could Improve Board’s Efficiency
Miami Herald editorial

—> One advantage with the change would be to shift some discussions that aren’t related to School Board agenda items — and in many instances issues not related to schools or to education — to a different School Board forum. Traditionally, anyone can sign up to speak on any issue during the School Board’s public-comment period. As a result, comments have ranged from teachers’ salaries to discussions about space aliens. Some people obviously use the presence of television cameras to pitch ideological issues or political agendas that have nothing to do with education.

Given this format, there is little wonder that the comment sometimes goes on for hours, resulting in School Board meetings that last into the late-evening hours. This doesn’t allow for fair consideration of school business, nor is it fair to those who want to present or discuss agenda items. Board members are less alert, and their attention flags toward the end of such lengthy meetings. —>

Zuma Dogg Open Thread
Mayor Sam’s Sister City Blog

Congratulations to CM Tony Cardenas for this: I just got done watching Dr. Daniel Wiseman’s long-running public access show (now on Time Warner) called “Your Neighborhood Council”. Well thanks Doc, Wiseman (not Weiler) for the DVD that I will be posting on YouTube and Mayor Sam’s blog, hopefully this weekend. AND I GOTTA GIVE PROPS TO TONY CARDENAS FOR THIS: The guy showed up with the other candidates on a small cheesey public access TV set. —>

Cisco branches into social networking
By Stephen Lawson
Tech World

—> But Cisco also expects social networking, like other consumer tools such as instant messaging, to be embraced by general enterprises. Consumers are now demanding social networking capabilities and want to see them on companies’ websites, according to Cisco. Traditional media providers are ripe for using social networking, said IDC consumer analyst Danielle Levitas. —>

Women’s Hall of Fame inductees on NPAT TV
Novato Advance

Interviews with 2006 inductees into the Marin Women’s Hall of Fame will be broadcast for the first time on Comcast, Channel 26. Interviews will be shown at 9 PM on Tuesday evenings during the months of February and March. —>

Youth issues on TV 26 Public Advocate The Public Advocate public access television show will tackle youth issues on Novato channel 26 at 8 p.m. for the next three Wednesday nights. Host Shirley Graves will talk with Marin County Youth Commission members including Katie Conklin of Novato High School and Youth Health Advisory Council members including Magali Limeta. —>

Local TV producers want to spark interest in Public Access channel
by Jim Phillips
The Athens News

Last year, the city changed the management of Channel 23, taking the $56,000 annual contract away from the Appalachian Media Access Center, which had managed the station for years, and awarding it to a new company, Athens Community Television (ACT). With the changeover, the station saw a marked drop-off in the number of locally produced shows it was getting, and at that time, most of Channel 23’s programming was religious in content. —>

compiled by
Rob McCausland
Director of Information & Organizing Services
Alliance for Community Media

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