Community Media: Selected Clippings – 02/10/07

Airing meetings will show tax dollars at work
Hattiesburg American

Public access to government at any level is always a good thing. It keeps citizens informed and keeps public officials under the microscope. It also pushes accountability.  The Hattiesburg City Council, if it’s able to strike a deal with Comcast Cable in the upcoming negotiation of the city’s cable contract, could begin televising its meetings by next year. This would give citizens an unparalleled window (save for attending the council meetings in person) to see their representatives at work.  The council’s advisory committee negotiating with Comcast wants the cable company to provide the service as part of its contract with the city. —>

Meeting Monday May Decide Fate Of Cox Community Access Channels
By Sean Weide
The Reader

Does Omaha need six channels to broadcast public access programs on cable TV?  That is the question that will be raised Monday at a meeting of the Cable Television Advisory Council. —>

Two of the six channels up for review are The Knowledge Network of Greater Omaha (TKN) (Cox Channels 17 and 18). Jim Adams of UNO Television is appealing to viewers of programs on the Knowledge Network to come to Monday’s meeting at 4 p.m. in the Douglas County Civic Centerto show support for the programs they watch.  The programming in question on TKN includes specially-produced shows such as “ICU Learning English,” “Hola Amigos,” “La Otra Cara De La Moneda,” and the student production, “The Coach Kemp Show.” The channel also airs the student production, “The Omaha News.”  The Knowledge Network also provides University of Nebraska at Omaha students, Omaha Public School students and Metro Community College students with the opportunity to gain hands-on television production experience. —>

Realtors host site straight to lawmakers
By Tyler Christensen
The Missoulian

The Missoula Organization of Realtors has launched a new Web site aimed at making it easier for locals to give local lawmakers a piece of their minds.  Now, rather than leave work in the middle of the day to catch public hearings or miss a favorite television show to attend late-night meetings, the politically minded can comment from the comfort of their own homes. The site even provides a list of city, county and state lawmakers to select from.

The idea behind is to provide a forum to encourage political participation, especially among the younger crowd, said Robert Doore, public affairs director for the 775-member Missoula Organization of Realtors. He noticed that hardly anyone younger than 35 seemed to attend Monday night’s City Council meetings, and yet a recent study found that Missoulians tune in to Missoula Community Access Television to watch these same City Council meetings at a rate five times the national average. —>

WeMedia. Thoughts and Pix

Since my last visit with the WeMedia team, things are different. In an important way. It’s changed. the WE in WeMEDIA got bigger, the ‘MEDIA’, got smaller. Or more intimate, more more focused. Not sure which. —>

“Hawaii Island’s Most Wanted” debuts Sunday
By 67AM KPUA News

A new television program, “Hawaii Island’s Most Wanted,” debuts Sunday on public access cable television. The show’s host, Major Jay Enanoria, asks for the public’s help in locating individuals wanted by the Hawaii Police Department. —>

compiled by
Rob McCausland
Director of Information & Organizing Services
Alliance for Community Media

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