Mysteries of Coinciding Events – Remembering Dirk Koning

Mysteries of coinciding events
by Bob Russell
View from the Wheelhouse

Two years ago today my good friend and colleague Dirk Koning died. He was a world leader in community media working from Grand Rapids, Michigan.

I first met him in 1992 when I contacted him to help our community establish public access television. The Traverse City region was in the process of negotiating a new franchise agreement with C-tec cable (now Charter Communication) and I knew we needed help. Dirk was incredibly helpful. With his help and guidance, along with other colleagues of his — Lauren-Glen Davitian and Fred Johnson, we held several small conferences about community media to help educate our community on the importance and need for the publics access to media. We were successful in getting a franchise agreement in 1994 that established tctv2, our public access community television in the Traverse City region. —>

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