VIDEOS TEMPORARILY DOWN – NOTE TO OUR VIEWERS’s videos are temporarily down – we are disappointed to report YouTube has suspended our account.  Recent videos — e.g. the Scooter Libby Trial and DNC Presidential Candidate Videos — will be reposted in a matter of hours, and our full archive of 350 original videos, to which we own full copyright, will be posted very soon.

We apologize for the inconvenience. posts 95%+ original content to our account, and in recent weeks has posted 100% original content. Even so, YouTube has suspended the account, either because of the small number of off the air clips we posted under fair use. We are also trying to determine if this action was taken in error due to a mistaken believe that PTV’s original coverage of congressional hearings, etc., was taken from C-SPAN or other sources, when in fact it was original content to which we of course had copyright.

Thank you for your patience and your continued loyalty. It is our aim to simultaneously be good corporate citizens, abide by copyright/fair use rules, and serve the public interest through our programming efforts.

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