Community Media: Selected Clippings – 02/14/07

National Student Television Award for Excellence deadline extended – Feb 21

The National Television Academy invites all high school students nationwide to submit examples of your best work in television broadcast, cablecast and webcast production. >>>  Categories include News, Arts & Entertainment/Cultural Affairs, Documentary, Sports, Hubbard Family Public Affairs/Community Service/Public Service, Technical Achievement, and Writing. >>>

Legislators pushed to open cable markets
by Christian Hill
The Olympian

Qwest pushed for a bill Tuesday that it says would hold down soaring cable TV rates in Washington by creating competition.  Under Senate Bill 6003, cable providers could create a statewide franchise and no longer would have to negotiate franchise agreements with individual cities. Those agreements give providers the authority to install and operate service lines under sidewalks and streets. >>>  The state’s cable providers quickly criticized the legislation, saying it would allow Qwest to engage in “redlining,” the practice of offering new service only in high-income areas to maximize profits. >>>
Broken-hearted Valentines
by nfh
Peace Blog

>>> I headed out for the LOC after reading each of the names and really looking at every photo of the Faces of the Fallen that were displayed outside one office. Many Senators and Representatives have put up these displays, but for some reason I was drawn in to one particular set today. It was all I could do to not break down sobbing in the hall. Fortunately a gentleman stopped me as I was exiting the building to talk to me about CODEPINK, the actions to which he’d taken his daughters, and how glad he was that we were here doing this. Turns out he is the Executive Director of the Alliance for Community Media. So we chatted about the importance of community media and how it brings diversity of viewpoints out on to the airwaves that we the people own anyway. We also touched on the valiant struggle Access Tucson has waged as corporatists try to kill it time and again. That was such a highlight of the day. Media. We have to be the media. We’ve forgotten that. The media is a tool of the people. We have to reclaim what is rightly ours. Corporations may have media outlets but we the people are the media and the fourth estate reports to us. >>>

DCAT celebrates fifth anniversary
By Bella Travaglini
Danvers Herald

Celebrating a successful five-year run, the staff of Danvers Community Access Television remains committed to providing residents with convenient access to the pulse of the community. >>>

YouTube Purged – Why Its No Substitute For Public Access
by Andy
Uncommonsense TV

YouTube demonstrates here why it is not a free speech forum. In this instance they say that they may pre-empt the showing of government (read: public) meetings if they claim to be unsure of the source. >>>

Nevada County BOS Finalizes Public TV Agreements
By: YubaNet

>>> The BOS unanimously approved several resolutions that finalize the distribution of funds collected through the cable franchise agreements. Nevada City had indicated that they might not contribute to financing NCTV now that the cable franchise agreement is complete and got slammed by supervisors. “Nevada City wants a free ride, but we support you,” said Ted Owens. >>>

New cable show highlights Lincoln County
Newport News-Times (OR)

The Lincoln County Board of Commissioners announced this week the creation of a new communications program. “Inside Lincoln County” is a half-hour cable television newsmagazine designed to keep Lincoln County residents abreast of the programs and services provided by county government.  “We were trying to figure out how to better communicate with our taxpayers,” Commissioner Don Lindly said. “When I was in Central Oregon last year, I watched the Deschutes County version of our show. I really saw the potential and contacted the board of commissioners in Bend. All three Deschutes County Commissioners spoke very highly of the effectiveness of their program. >>>

compiled by  Rob McCausland
Director of Information & Organizing Services
Alliance for Community Media

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