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A 4-day conference is taking place in Boston this week – IMA 2007 (Integrated Media Association) – essentially, this is Web 2.0 and such for public television & radio managers.  Blogging has already started, and live streams of the keynotes begin Thursday morning (2/22). Here’s a snippit (from Andy Carvin’s Waste of Bandwidth), and some links.

“Right now I’m sitting on a panel session on user-generated content projects in public broadcasting. Brendan Greeley is talking right now about his role as blogger-in-chief of Radio Open Source, “a blog with a radio show.” Radio Open Source has pioneered the integration of radio programs with online communities, engaging the public to discuss the topics of the show, as well as suggest segments, guests and questions. Brendan noted that in recent weeks, around 50% of shows have been suggested by its community members.”
Conference Wiki:

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