Community Media: Selected Clippings – 02/22/07

Barlow student to appear on television
Easton Courier (CT)

TV personality Dolly Curtis highlighted the music of Chelsea Starbuck Smith and Trio Esprit on her public access television program, “Dolly Curtis Interviews.” Smith of Easton, Carlyn Kessler of Westport, and Emily Watkins of Trumbull, who make up the string trio, will perform and talk about their goals and accomplishments on the cable access television program, Curtis said. >>>

The three youths, ages 14 and 15, are accomplished musicians and are referred to as “prodigies” by their peers, Curtis said. “When I first heard them play I was amazed,” she said. “I didn’t believe it was real. I went to another [event] where they were playing to make sure it was real and it was great. They blew my mind.” This is the trio’s first television performance, according to Curtis. >>>

Mason gets its own Court TV
by Jessica Brown
Cincinnati Enquirer

MASON – Residents here now have their own court TV. Starting today, Mason Municipal Court Judge George Parker will broadcast criminal cases live on local cable television stations. It’s part of Parker’s effort to educate the public about how the court system works, according to his staff. >>>

Cable TV may soon arrive in Eagle Mtn
by Caleb Warnock
Daily Herald (UT)

Cable television may soon be available to some Eagle Mountain residents — and with it, the ability to watch city government in action. Council members unanimously approved Eagle Mountain’s first cable franchise agreement on Tuesday, said city spokeswoman Linda Peterson. >>>

Illinois Turn for Franchise-Reform Bill
Multichannel News

A franchise-reform bill was introduced in Illinois that, in addition to allowing statewide authorization for newcomers, would allow overbuilders to drop local agreements in favor of statewide franchises. >>>

Telecoms pour money into lobbying
by Lucy Morgan
St. Petersburg Times

TALLAHASSEE – BellSouth spent at least $1.6-million on Florida lobbyists last year, according to newly filed disclosure reports – more than twice as much as any other business spent to influence state government. Why BellSouth and other telephone companies are pouring buckets of money into the political process is clear: They desperately want to pass a bill that would change the way consumers across Florida get their television, Internet and telephone services. >>>

Sen. Mike Fasano, R-Port Richey, a vocal opponent of other telecom bills, said he is introducing a bill that would give counties and cities more control over what happens to consumer services. “The issue is big to the telephone companies,” Fasano said. “Just like with the phone bill a few years ago, spending a few million to make hundreds of millions is a pretty good investment.” >>>

Government access television and much more
Orange Bulletin (CT)

GATVOC (channel 79) is available to all residents who subscribe to Cablevision. Channel 79 televises meeting of the Boards of Selectmen, Finance, Woodbridge Board of Education and the Amity Board of Education and replays broadcast of these meetings throughout the month. Special meetings are also televised as funding is available. The Department of Public Utilities Control’s decision regarding the re-franchise of Connecticut Cablevision ordered that Soundview (which oversees Channel 79) and the municipalities attempted to resolve Town-specific versus Franchise wide distribution through negotiations.

The GATVOC Commission is presently negotiating with Soundview Media to continue Channel 79 as the Woodbridge-specific channel for governmental telecasts. GATVOC has proposed that it allocate two hours per day, seven days per week for the presentation of regional government programming on WGATV from 3 to 5 p.m. daily. The other 22 hours would be for Woodbridge government programming only. The GATVOC Commission is also in the process of researching additional grant funds to purchase new video equipment and increase taping of more meetings and Woodbridge events.

Musso: York breaking TV deal
White Rose TV has become city-controlled TV because a group to oversee station hasn’t been set up, he said.
by Brent Burkey
York Daily Record (PA)

>>> York City Council members said they are tired of the constant debates on President Cameron Texter’s personal life gumming up meetings and Texter’s cutting off the live television feed that goes out to cable television subscribers. Texter is going through a divorce and he feels questions about his personal life are out of line according to council’s rules, Texter has said on multiple occasions. During Tuesday’s council meeting, Texter called for a recess and suspension of the broadcast. It was the fourth time he had done so this year. >>>

Musso said an independent governing committee was supposed to be set up a year ago to oversee White Rose Community Television, which switched from York Community Access Television when Comcast took control of the area’s cable market. That never happened, leaving decision-making to an ad hoc group of city officials. Musso said it’s been his fear that city-run television would become city-controlled televison. That fear became reality as, meeting after meeting this year, Texter turned off the cameras during public comment sessions, Musso said. >>>

Nevada senator discusses British plans for Iraq
by Brendan Riley (AP)
Las Vegas Sun

>>> Ensign also urged state lawmakers to join with nine other states that have streamlined video franchising rules to encourage more video services. That proposal is in draft form but has not yet been introduced here. >>>


compiled by Rob McCausland
Director of Information & Organizing Services
Alliance for Community Media

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