Vlogging Her Way Through Autism

In Her Voice: Vlogging Her Way Through Autism
by Andy Carvin


“Please watch this amazing video by Amanda Baggs, a videoblogger who is classified by her doctors as a “low-functioning autistic.” She is unable to talk and appears to be totally disconnected from the rest of the world, but she is extraordinarily eloquent and descriptive of her insular world when given a computer keyboard through which to communicate.

“This video, which she shot, edited and posted on YouTube under her online name SilentMiaow, begins with several minutes of her doing repetitive actions and making chant-like noises – things that non-austic people might describe as stereotypical of people with austism. It has an eerie, performance-art quality to it – until you get to the second half, when you see her translating and interpretating what you’ve just seen, explaining her actions’ meaning through the use of a computer-synthesized voice. The video inspired CNN to do a special on her tonight. She’s also an active user of Second Life, and has an avatar that looks and acts like a low-functioning autistic person.

“Her blog captures just how eloquent she is as a communicator when using assistive technology to capture her thoughts. In this post, she describes some basic advice she had been given when she first began coping with autism .” >>>


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One Comment on “Vlogging Her Way Through Autism”

  1. mcewen Says:

    Thanks for posting this. I think it should be seen by as many people as possible as it gives us all a new perspective on disabilities.
    Best wishes

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