Chad Vader’s Creators Defend Public Access

Chad Vader Creators Take Lightsaber to Tom Still’s Assertions About Cutting Funding For Local Cable Access
by Barry Orton
Paul Soglin: Waxing America
>>> As far as I knew, those “Chad Vader guys” started on local access, and still have a show. So I asked them what they thought of Still’s argument.

Sloan wrote me:

To take the success of two internet entrepreneurs and use that to make a case for gutting funding for public access stations is pretty shortsighted and frankly, dumb. (emphasis Waxing America) Public access stations strengthen communities and provide amateurs with the resources and the basic skills to learn film and television production, neither of which has anything to do with the Internet. You can’t be a successful filmmaker without networking and interacting with real live people and that is something that sitting in front of a web cam will never provide. The Internet revolution is amazing and it will change the world, but public access stations are still crucial in giving the community the resources to make the most of that revolution.

Yonda added:

I think public access stations are more important than ever before–because of the internet.

Public access is what made Chad Vader possible. I never would have started making videos if I hadn’t had a public access station in Eau Claire, WI where I could get equipment, receive instruction on how to use it, and make connections and collaborate with other like-minded individuals. In fact if I hadn’t been able to make my public access show I probably never would’ve teamed up with Matt in 2001 because he wouldn’t have seen the show and met with me about collaborating. I did all my videos, including early internet videos, through public access in Eau Claire (1993-1996) and in Madison (1996-2004). In 2004, I started to be able to afford most of my own equipment because of money I’d saved up.

I’d say that Youtube, rather than being a replacement to Public Access, is made possible by Public Access stations around the country that offer a place for struggling video-makers to get a start and make videos in the first place, especially now that the internet has made video-making even more popular. … I know for sure if funding had been pulled from our public access station at any point in my video making career Chad Vader would never have existed. (emphasis WaxingAmerica)

So, in fact, Still’s “symbol of the new video world” wouldn’t ever have existed without local cable access. Chad Vader is a good argument for the exact opposite of at&t’s position that “the Internet makes local access unnecessary.” (Facts matter, Tom; gotta check ’em.) >>>

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