Community Media: Selected Clippings – 03/04/07

Iowa considers statewide cable franchise
by Dan Gearino
Quad City Times (IA)

—>  The action Thursday means the bill is eligible for debate on the Senate floor.  Warnstadt said he expects the Senate to debate and pass the bill sometime this session.  Last week, Senate Minority Leader Mary Lundby, R-Marion, said she doesn’t see any reason to change the law on cable franchises.  She said current system of local control allows competition, and cities without competition should take their concerns to their local leaders.  —>

A new era for Canadian community media

Of late, I have been thinking that a) we need to re-invigorate the Canadian social media tradition that we lost with the demise [of]  Challenge for Change and community television and b) we’re on on the cusp of some new ‘open philanthropy’ breakthroughs that use the wisdom of the crowd to make (and deliver on) social investments.

My pondering on both these fronts accelerated this weekend as I saw Antonia Zerbisias’ article on the pending CTV / CHUM merger.  The article made me think: why not channel some of the public benefit money into an innovative Community Media Foundation that would focus on the Internet generation? So, I wrote this letter to the CRTC:   —>


compiled by Rob McCausland
Alliance for Community Media

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