Community Media: Selected Clippings – 03/07/07

Cable changes concern Germantown
Fears legislation will cost service, revenue
by Clay Bailey
Commercial Appeal (TN)

Germantown officials are so worried about the impact of pending telecommunications legislation in Nashville, they are holding a town hall meeting to emphasize their concerns to the suburb’s residents.  City leaders, who have set the local meeting for 7 p.m. March 22 in the Germantown Performing Arts Centre, are expressing more angst over this bill than other measures they annually monitor in the state Legislature.  “This is big. This is huge,” City Administrator Patrick Lawton said of the bill’s potential impact on the city.   —>,1426,MCA_1936_5402225,00.html

Oregon local government officials are united in decrying the severe and negative impact of the new FCC rule on Oregon communities
Portland Office of Neighborhood Involvement

SALEM and PORTLAND– Local officials throughout Oregon reacted today in opposition to the newly-released final version of a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rule on competitive video franchising which broadly pre-empts numerous longstanding local video franchising requirements and procedures. The new rule (approved in concept by the FCC December 20,2006 on a 3-2 vote) spells out the details of far-reaching action which voids or undercuts longstanding local authority, and calls into question hard-won public benefits—including requirements that all residents and businesses be served with advanced technology, and support for community channels be continued as previously agreed.

Oregon local government officials are united in decrying the severe and negative impact of the new FCC rule on Oregon communities. “The rule is really a blow to local communities not only financially but in terms of a local voice,” said La Grande Mayor Colleen Johnson, Chair of the League of Oregon Cities Telecommunications Committee. “I believe that communities should decide what constitutes community interest, not some bureaucrat in Washington D.C.” “It is disappointing to see the FCC support the ability of the telecommunications industry to—in effect—seize control of public property for additional profit,” said Estacada Mayor Bob Austin, President of the League of Oregon Cities.   —>

FCC Cuts Out Communities in Video Franchising Order – Local Governments Denounce Action
by Andy in Media and Democracy
Uncommon Sense

The Federal Communications Commission released a “Report and Order” that would circumvent local control over video franchising and reject longstanding public interest requirements. Representatives of consumer, media reform and media policy groups made the following statements: —>

TV Eye on Smithtown

TV watchers in the Town of Smithtown now have something else besides infomercials upon which to rest bleary eyes.  A new interview show called “Local Views” will debut Saturday at 11:30 p.m. on public access station Channel 20.  Usually only town residents can view the show, but it does air in some areas of Brookhaven. James Teese, a local writer who has worked on several political campaigns, will be the host although others may substitute as needed.   —>

Demand increasing for viewer-created content
by Jake Coyle (AP)
Columbus Dispatch

NEW YORK — Ever conscious of a promising trend, TV networks and advertisers are increasingly adopting the YouTube model of viewer-created content.  VH1, showing the third season of Web Junk 20, will soon offer Acceptable TV, a series hosted by Jack Black that fuses television with the Web.    —>

compiled by Rob McCausland
Alliance for Community Media

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