Community Media: Selected Clippings – 03/12/07

State wants control of cable
by Keegan Kyle
The Badger Herald (WI)

—> Brad Clark, city of Madison cable television coordinator, said revoking the municipality’s authority to grant cable franchises would greatly reduce local influence and customer service. “That local presence would be taken away,” Clark said. “There is no reason why the current franchising system should be replaced.” —>

Critics call TV channel publicity organ for mayor
by Brian Meyer
Buffalo News

—> Some Common Council members believe Channel 22 has turned into “Byron W. Brown TV” on many nights. They note that most primetime slots are used for shows that highlight mayoral initiatives, including CitiStat meetings and many of Brown’s news conferences. “It’s all Brown, all the time,” said Council President David A. Franczyk. Some Council-focused shows have been relegated to time slots that seem to cater to insomniacs. “I got the 2 a.m. slot,” said South Council Member Michael P. Kearns, referring to a program he hosted on district issues. —>

Media panel tackles information access
Sunshine Week touts ‘inclusion for all’
by Matthew Bruun
Worcester Telegram & Gazette

WORCESTER— A media forum on “Your Right to Know” will be held Thursday at the WCCA TV13 studios on Main Street. Traditional media, including the Telegram & Gazette, will be represented at the forum, along with citizen blogger William Randell. —>

Political Chowder
by Stirling Newberry
The Smirking Chimp

—> Her latest project is a new television show, one that pulls in key players from across the political spectrum to have it out under the eye of a woman who is as good at being a fair moderator as she can be a quick witted partisan. Her view is that only by getting power brokers and people to talk to each other, rather than at and over each other as cable news shows do – can the public really decide. Instead of raining down message down to people below, she is an example, and exemplar of Arthur Schlesinger Jr.’s “vital center”.

In only 4 weeks the political chowder site has exploded in its number of hits and the show has already brought in or has coming up a former governor, a Presidential candidate, elected officials, thinkers and writers. Coming up she already has Katrina Swett – wife of a former representative, and now candidate for Senate in New Hampshire.

It is the hotest political discussion on television today, and it manages to, surprisingly, generate as much light as heat. No one who was familiar with her radio show would have expected anything different, but with this program Arnie has upped the ante, with better production values, better presentation, better format. Don’t take my word for it, watch it yourself. It is also a gutsy and entrepreneurial move – she owns the show and put her own money behind it. Instead of waiting for someone with money to bless and create progressive and public media – Arnie has gone out and placed her faith in making things happen. —>

compiled by Rob McCausland
Alliance for Community Media

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