Barry Orton on Wisconsin Bills AB 207/SB 107

[ Barry Orton posts today (“Looong Public Hearing on Video Bill“) about yesterday’s hearing before a Wisconsin House committee considering a statewide video franchising bill. Here is the final ‘graph of his excellently stated testimony. – rm ]

“That AB 207/SB 107 prohibits the Department of Financial Institutions (DFI) from enforcing any of the bill’s requirements is a particularly egregious example of legislative chutzpah on the part of its sponsors. If a state agency charged with oversight of an industry cannot promulgate rules interpreting the bill’s provisions, cannot establish procedures for enforcing its requirements, cannot review a franchise applicant’s qualifications, and cannot review or approve a transfer of its franchises, it truly can be said to be powerless. Under AB 207/SB 107, the DFI could issue a franchise; file it in a cabinet in perpetuity, and little else. The video consumers of Wisconsin deserve far better.”

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