ACM Spring 2007 Regional Seminars & Conferences

This year PEG access television needs your support more than ever. If you live in or near one of these regions, please consider attending, and try to bring two or three first-timers who would benefit from the experience, as well. These golden opportunities for growing our base should not be missed.

April 13 – Newton, MA
Legislation for Dummies“; MassAccess

April 20 – Cleveland, OH
Workshop for Photojournalists, Editors, Producers, & Reporters“; OK Alliance (OH & KY)

April 27-28 – Bedford, NH
Igniting a Passion for PEG Through Management, Marketing, Motivation“;

April 28 – Olympia, WA
Engage, Enlighten, Empower: Make Our Media Matter“;

May 4-5 – Madison, WI
2007 WAPC Spring Conference & Video Festival“; ACM-Mid-West & WAPC

June 8-9 – Edison, NJ
Thinking Outside the Box“;
ACM-Mid-Atlantic & JAG

Thank you all, organizers, sponsors, presenters and attendees, for your continuing participation.

~ Rob McCausland

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