Community Media: Selected Clippings – 03/30/07

TV show discusses wildfire protection
Reno Gazette Journal

A special television program that lets residents know what they can do reduce the threat of wildfires to their homes begins today with showings at 3 p.m. and 10 p.m. on Reno13, the city of Reno’s cable access channel. “Living with Fire. . . Before, During and After the Fire” is a cooperative effort between the Reno Fire Department, Reno Community Relations Division and the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension program. —>

Telecommunications Company Wants Eminent Domain Over Geneva Property Owners?
City of Geneva, Illinois Website


AT&T has launched a bill at the State House level to remove local franchise control from municipalities (a power Geneva currently holds) and instead give power over Geneva’s Rights of Way directly to the State of Illinois. Most important to Geneva citizens, if passed, this bill would remove full citywide buildout requirements from AT&T – something cable companies must currently do – and allow them to serve parts of Geneva that they found most profitable, and not serve others they did not. —>

Perhaps even more frightening is that the bill, in its current form, appears to grant eminent domain powers to AT&T for not only Geneva’s Rights of Way, but private property as well. If this bill passes in its current form, your front yard could end up looking something like this.

Editorial: Cable TV bill isn’t best deal for consumers
Appleton Post Crescent (WI)

If competition means lower prices for cable TV services, a bill in the state Legislature could be a benefit to consumers. But competition isn’t the only thing this bill would allow — and that’s why it wouldn’t be a good deal in the end. —>

Qwest Sells Iowa On ‘Franchise Reform’
Even though they have yet to solidify TV plan
by Karl
Broadband Reports

Like Verizon and AT&T, Qwest has been lobbying state lawmakers hard to try to convince them that if they eliminate the local video franchise system, the public will see lower TV prices and broader deployment. Yet, in Iowa, Qwest is very close to getting their wishlist legislation passed, despite the fact that the telco (unlike AT&T and Verizon) hasn’t decided how/if to deploy TV service. Qwest does currently offer limited fiber connectivity and IPTV, but primarily to more lucrative housing developments. —>

Aldermen in favor of AT&T franchise in Franklin
by Kevin Walters
The Tennessean

FRANKLIN – Franklin residents could get another choice for their cable service after city aldermen agreed to negotiate with AT&T to provide service in Franklin. Aldermen approved 6-0 a resolution earlier this month expressing the city’s interest in possibly selling AT&T a franchise in Franklin. The resolution will also be sent to Marty Dickens, president of AT&T in Tennessee.

In addition, aldermen unanimously agreed to oppose a Senate bill called the “Competitive Cable and Video Service Act” which city officials say allows cable companies to “‘cherry pick’ the most profitable neighborhoods and customers, and impede local governments’ ability to protect their citizens,” according to the resolution. —>

Greece Proposes Taking Over Public Access TV

The town and school disctrict of Greece already run a radio station. Now they’re considering getting into the TV business. The town is proposing taking over the public access channel, Channel 12 for people who live in Greece and the western suburbs. The school district would run the programming out of one of the high schools. But, the public will have a say in this, and there are some concerns. Non-profit group, Edu-Cable, currently runs cable channels 12 and 15 in Greece and suburbs west. That worries some taxpayers. —> WATCH THIS VIDEO

AT&T Wins California Video Franchise
by The Associated Press
Broadcast Newsroom

(Multichannel News) _ The California Public Utilities Commission Friday formally approved AT&T’s application for a statewide franchise to provide video service in California. “The CPUC’s approval of our application brings Californians one step closer to finally having a real choice to cable TV,” AT&T California president Ken McNeely said in a prepared statement. The telco, he added, will be “rolling out our TV/video service — AT&T U-verse — in cities throughout the state as soon as possible.” AT&T has already begun offering U-verse TV service in limited areas of Northern California, including neighborhoods in San Jose, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara and Cupertino.

compiled by Rob McCausland
Director of Information & Organizing Services
Alliance for Community Media

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