Community Media: Selected Clippings – 04/09/07

Government TV grabs viewers
by Turner Hutchens
The Daily News Journal (TN)

With dozens of national and international stations available on TV, area governments are offering channel surfers something a little different and very local.   —>

Cable TV bill takes legislative spotlight
by Clint Confehr
Shelbyville Times Gazette (TN)

State Rep. Curt Cobb is holding a hearing today in Nashville on what’s been dubbed the AT&T bill to create statewide franchises for cable TV companies instead of having them licensed by cities and counties.

Shelbyville city council members, like those representing them through the Tennessee Municipal League, oppose statewide franchising of cable TV because there was no requirement to provide service to government buildings like schools.  Furthermore, there’s no proof that cable TV rates will drop if service providers are granted what amounts to a statewide business license, according to City Manager Ed Craig.   —>

Fairfield against change in cable deals
by Michael D. Pitman
Journal News (OH)

While city officials are still trying to get a franchise agreement with Time Warner Cable, an Ohio Senate bill introduced last month may nix it — along with all other cable franchise agreements in the state.  The Fairfield City Council passed an ordinance Monday night opposing Senate Bill 117, which proposes to eliminate franchise agreements with local governments.   —>


You Tube Works
by Bonnie Schumacher
Find Your Voice on Community TV (MN)

Putting your video on a free video hosting site does work. SPNN has all of our tech tips and member profiles on You Tube.

The tech tip on the Altman light kit has been watched 19 times and been rated by one person with a five star rating.  A tech tip with Community Producer Steve Brunsberg on how to use a light meter was viewed 123 times and received a five star rating.  Sherine’s shooting tips has been viewed 147 times.

David and I did a piece on how to use the audio board and compressor in the studio that has received 630 views, one comment (very positive) and 2 people rated it giving it 4.5 stars.  The piece David and I did on how to use the waveform and vecotorscope has received 206 views and one five star rating.

Ed’s piece on the PD 170 has received 636 views, one comment (positive), and five people rated it giving it an overall 4.5 stars.  139 people have seen the tour of SPNN.

In relation to numbers of views You Tube’s most popular videos get, this is just a drop in the bucket. But if taken in the context that video from SPNN has helped this many people with technical questons, I think it is positive.

Lots of Video Hosting Sites
by Bonnie Schumacher
Find Your Voice on Community TV (MN)

Here at SPNN we utilize two different free video hosting sites, You Tube and Google Video. Those are just the tip of the iceberg though.  Internet Video Magazine has a list and a review of each of the currently available services.

Check out this site to find out what video hosting site is best for you.

SPNN will be having a how to use You Tube workshop for free on April 24. Members of SPNN are welcome to attend and get your video on the web.

[I feel obliged to point out here that a good number of people are recommending video hosts such as and, which unlike YouTube, do not force you to give them unlimited usage rights to your videos when you post them.  If rights and usage control is a concern for you, be wary – read the fine print. – rm ]


Will AT&T Chicken Out?
by Douglas McIntyre
24/7 Wall Street

AT&T (T) may not follow its fellow telecom giant Verizon (VZ) into the fiber to the home business, at least not to the tune of $23 billion. Verizon is counting on picking up cable customers by offering voice, TV, and broadband service in one package.

As an alternative, AT&T may try to buy Echostar (DISH) or DirecTV (DTV). The market cap of DISH is $20 billion and DTV is $29 billion. But, unlike Verizon’s investment, both of the satellite companies come with customers and billions of dollars in revenue. From that standpoint, the idea of an acquisition makes sense.   —>

Government Install: Historic High Tech
Modern technology turns the John Adams Courthouse in Boston into a working forum for the press and public.
by Linda Seid Frembes
Pro AV Magazine
April 2007

Challenge:  Design modern AV and Web casting systems for newly constructed and renovated courtrooms that are part of an historical courthouse.  Solution: Create a reliable infrastructure using proven technology, and partner with a nearby law school to host the Web casts.   —>

compiled by Rob McCausland
Dir., Information & Organizing Services
Alliance for Community Media

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