Community Media: Selected Clippings – 04/20/07

Does cable franchise bill pit David versus Goliath?
by Phil Pfuehler
River Falls Journal (WI)

Dawn Wills believes city residents who like to watch local cable for River Falls Days, high school football, basketball, hockey and wrestling, church shows, summer park concerts, poetry readings, City Council meetings, the Memorial Day parade, Chamber of Commerce banquets and more should be plenty worried by the Video Franchising Competition Bill.

If state lawmakers pass the bill in the next few weeks, Wills says local cable in River Falls and Wisconsin could go the way of the dinosaur.  “What this bill could do is snuff out the local voice,” said Wills, cable access coordinator for River Falls Community Television. “I am not exaggerating when I say we might have to close our doors at RFC-TV.”

City Administrator Bernie Van Osdale agrees: “It’s not a good deal for our city,” he said. “It could very well mean the end of our local cable channel.”   —>

Cable Choice Bill: Could Hurt Community Television
Reporter: Meghan Kulig
WEAU – News (WI)

A state bill designed to encourage competition among TV providers could actually end up hurting local community television stations.  State Representatives Terry Moulton and Jeff Wood have now come up with an amendment to the Cable Choice Bill that would extend some of the stations’ most important funding sources, called PEG fees.   —>

Cable bill could turn off city public access channels
by Keegan Kyle
The Badger Herald (WI)

As two legislative committees approved a statewide video franchise bill this week, Madison public station managers predicted future budget cuts, the loss of one channel or increased taxes.   —>

Meet The Bloggers on Ohio Senate Bill 117
by Bill Callahan
Callahan’s Cleveland Diary (OH)

This morning I was part of a lively Meet The Bloggers discussion of Senate Bill 117, AT&T’s state video franchising proposal that’s moving quickly toward an Ohio Senate vote.  George already has the podcast posted.

Interviewees include Cleveland City Councilman Matt Zone, head of Council’s Public Utilities Committee; Kathie Pohl, Public Information Officer for the City of Mentor and president of the Ohio Chapter of NATOA; Jeff Neidert, Director of Brunswick Area Television, and Bill Hanna, Partner at Walter & Haverfield LLP. Bloggers include George Nemeth, Gloria Ferris, Tim Ferris, Wendell Robinson and me.

If what you know about “video competition” comes from all those “TV4Us Ohio” television ads, you must listen to this podcast.

The FCC wants to kill community media…
by KombatRock
Seminole Heights (FL)

…and you can do something about it.

A handful of media companies dominate what you watch on television, hear on the radio, and read in the newspapers. As thier influence spreads to other outlets, the diversity of what you see diminishes. Corporate media conglomerates are more concerned with profits than programming. If the FCC succeeds in “relaxing” their ownership rules coverage of many important issues will (continue to) be ignored, independent voices will be stifled, and public discourse will be relegated to what THEY deem as newsworthy. This is an important moment for American communities. Let your voice be heard!

Monday April 30th 2007 from 4 to 11pm; Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center  (My thoughts from four years ago, the last time they tried this.)

Cable, phone industries up donations
Stakes high in fight over bill to promote competition
by Dana Heupel
State Journal-Register (IL)

As debate heats up over legislation to ease the way for telephone companies to compete with cable television firms, a new study shows that both sides have donated large sums to Illinois lawmakers and the governor over the past two years.   —>

TV program to focus on alcohol abuse
Carroll County Times
by Karen Karaszkiewicz (MD)

Michael Kane said he doesn’t consider himself a big drinker.  The 21-year-old guitarist for the rock band Foretold has seen the affects of alcohol abuse on friends and family, and he and other band members want teens to know there are alternatives to drinking and using drugs.  “All the chemicals you need to feel things are in your body when you’re born — all you have to do is get in touch with it. Music is a really good way to do it,” said Kane, who co-owns a music production company in Sykesville.

On Saturday, his band will be performing at a program called “Speak Out” at the Community Media Center in Westminster…  Just like last year, the entire community is invited to participate in Saturday’s “Speak Out,” which will be filmed at the media center. It will air several times in May on Channel 19, according to Tony Hooper, the center’s studio coordinator.   —>

Tips on making Internet TV

Make Internet TV is a new site that gives step-by-step instructions on making videos and posting them to the Internet.

compiled by Rob McCausland
Dir., Information & Organizing Services
Alliance for Community Media

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