Community Media: Selected Clippings – 05/05/07

Felicia M. Sullivan on “YouTube = Public Access TV?”
by Colin Rhinesmith
Community Media in Transition

Back in March, I spoke with Felicia M. Sullivan, Executive Director of Organizers’ Collaborative and former Director of Community Programming at Lowell Telecommunications Corporation about a number of issues related to PEG access TV and the Internet. This short video features an excerpt from our conversation with Felicia’s response to the question, does “YouTube = Public Access TV?”. —>

Meet Hannah Sassaman, Prometheus Radio Project
by Nancy Scola

Can you believe that we’re already at the seventh installment in our MyDD interview series called Hearing Progressive Voices? Why, it seems as if it was just yesterday that I was thinking, hey, interviewing interesting progressives via instant messenger would be fun, educational, and — because IM produces an instant transcript — easy. I’m particularly pleased to have had the chance to chat today with Hannah Sassaman. Hannah is the Program Director for the Prometheus Radio Project, a Philadelphia-based group that helps set up community radio stations and fights for a media landscape that is more fair, more balanced, and more open to all.

The particular focus of Prometheus’ fight these days is Low Power FM — small, community-based radio stations that have a broadcast range of only a handful of miles. In a day and age where Clear Channel owns more than a thousand radio stations across the country, community radio is a means by which the people can communicate, organize, and effect change. But the future of LPFM in America is not certain. —>

People should be in the picture
Focus put on Perth Amboy meetings
by Suzanne C. Russell
Home News Tribune Online

PERTH AMBOY — As president of the Perth Amboy City Council, Peter Jimenez wants the television camera used to broadcast council meetings on public access cable television focused on the people speaking not just the administration and council members. Jimenez, who has served on the council for 20 years, said the administration refuses to comply. The issue is expected to come up during Wednesday’s 7 p.m. City Council meeting.

“The administration doesn’t have the right to focus on who they want to,” Jimenez said. “This is a council public meeting. If we have a camera, out of respect, it should be focused on the people speaking.”

With only one camera used to televise meetings, Mayor Joseph Vas said he’s looking to avoid the “Ping-Pong effect” of the camera bouncing back and forth between citizens and the council which occurs at council meetings every time a resident gets up to address an issue. —>

compiled by Rob McCausland
Dir., Information & Organizing Services
Alliance for Community Media

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