Community Media: Selected Clippings – 05/14/07

Joost Part 2
by Josh Luddeni
Avid Education Blog

> Joost is sort of an IPTV product, you get access to an entire catalog of content that is available on demand 24/7. Currently it is composed of probably 30-40 total channels with each channel having some 14 episodes of random shows available to watch whenever. And only being interrupted every 20 minutes with a couple of quick commercials.

This is really cool of course, its kind of what I hope to be the future of TV, everything on demand all the time. However the current catalog on joost is quite weak, with most of its shows being old cartoon episodes or just the most random TV you will ever see…

What would really be awesome and make this a competition of actual cable would to try and set up some local programming. Try to tap into current already existing Internet news streams of some of your local stations, and provide the typical community access slide show :).

Public access preaching
by Jon Busdeker
The News & Advance (VA)

“Testing one,” Albert Mallet says. “Good News, testing one.” “Are you ready?” a voice says. Mallet’s microphone is on. He’s wearing a simple black suit, a white shirt and a black tie. His notes are laid across the table.

“Ready,” Mallet says. He waits for the voice. Wires dangle from the ceiling. Hot lights pound on his forehead. Behind him is that familiar blue backdrop. “And … you’re up,” the voice from the control booth says.

Mallet welcomes everyone to his television show, “Good News.” It’s a biblical study course where Mallett reads and interprets different chapters of the Bible. But Mallet’s program won’t be broadcast around the world like that other famous “Old Time” man who calls Lynchburg home.

Mallet is a public access preacher, a community television Christian, and a local cable layman. Mallet, like dozens of other Lynchburg-area believers, uses the public airways to get out the message. From the studios in the basement of City Hall, Mallet records his show that will air later in the week on Lynchburg’s Community Channel 7. “Let it be all about thee, and not about me,” Mallet says in his opening prayer. Then, it’s show time. —>

compiled by Rob McCausland
Dir., Information & Organizing Services
Alliance for Community Media

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