Community Media: Selected Clippings – 05/27/07

Video franchising a front-yard issue
Grand Chute leader wary of AT&T’s roadside cabinets
by Ed Lowe
Appleton Post-Crescent (WI)

GRAND CHUTE — Town Administrator Mark Rohloff concedes the state battle over the so-called video competition act won’t be decided by concerns about neighborhood aesthetics.  Still, he can’t see past the spread of those “obnoxious” circuitry cabinets he envisions at the edge of somebody’s yard.   —>

Lack of local cable access causes static for Verizon
by Megan Woolhouse
Boston Globe (MA)

Marlborough residents who subscribe to Verizon for cable television service can get hundreds of channels beamed in from around the world, but if they want to watch local cable-access shows, they’re out of luck. At least for now.

The situation has irritated many Verizon customers, including City Councilor Edward Clancy, who said customers pay the company a franchise fee each month to make local programming possible.  “We should not be paying for something we cannot access,” he said.   —>

Counterpoint: Local control means better cable service
by Eleanor L. Pye
Eagle-Tribune (MA)

In early June, Massachusetts Senate bill 1975 will be voted on to determine whether cable franchising will be negotiated at a state level or remain at the local level. The text of the bill begins, “An act promoting consumer choice and competition for cable service.” This statement, and the subsequent bill, could not be further from the truth.

But here are some truths: Senate Bill 1975 was authored by Verizon without any consultation by any state agency. Sections of the bill are deliberately vague, leaving little opportunity for any watchdogging by state or local officials. The application requires less information than something you may complete to join the local YMCA, and the decision process is limited to just 15 business days, leaving little room for any public opinion or hearings.   —>

Fargo to add public access channel
by Mike Nowatzki (ND)
The Forum

Fargo will plunge further into public access television next week when the new Channel 99 becomes available to CableOne subscribers.   —>

Cable TV survey
Foster’s Online (ME)

ELIOT — The Eliot Community Cable TV Committee announces the third and final portion of the Community Cable Television Survey process will be held at the John F. Hill Grange, 2001 State Road in Eliot on Wednesday, June 6, at 7 p.m. Residents are invited.

The committee will hold a public town meeting to present the results of its survey, show a video on the subject of public access television stations and answer questions, hear opinions and welcome any suggestions on how a cable television public access channel can contribute to the future success of the town.

Just Not True: Cable Rates Not Falling in Texas
Lafayette ProFiber (LA)

Here’s something to think about:  Competition has not led to lower basic cable-rates in Texas. (MultiChannel News)  That’s the long and the short of it according to a study by the Texas chapter of NATOA.   —>

Tech Closeup Closes in on Syndication (CA)
Tech TV Forever

You might call Tech Closeup “the little TV show that could.” It started two years ago as just a monthly series on Bay Area Public Access stations—where almost anybody can put on their own show that almost nobody will watch. But somebody must be watching Tech Closeup, and it’s upbeat and classy profiles of Silicon Valley technologies, researchers, and sci-tech advances. Because Tech Closeup is about to make a big national splash.   —>

compiled by Rob McCausland
Dir., Information & Organizing Services
Alliance for Community Media

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