Community Media: Selected Clippings – 07/27/07

Touch that dial
What happens when telecom companies write state legislation? Check your wallet.
by Fiona Morgan
Independent Weekly (NC)

Beware of legislation promising “competition.” A bill passed by the General Assembly last year that was intended to jump-start competition in the cable TV industry has had the unforeseen consequence of costing the state and local governments across North Carolina millions of dollars in lost revenue. And six months after the law went into effect, that promised competition is nowhere in sight.   —>

Video Franchise Disaster in North Carolina
From Lafayette Pro Fiber Blog (LA)
Free Press

A weekly newspaper in North Carolina’s Research Triangle, The Independent, has one of those rare, acerbic, factually rich explorations of a significant topic that you only seem to find in alternative weeklies.

The reason you’re seeing it here is that the column’s point of departure is North Carolina’s “Video Service Competition Act”— a phone company sponsored bill that moved control of cable franchise to the state level and thereby removing local control over fees, PEG channel support, and consumer protection. North Carolina’s legislature passed it last year, just as Louisiana’s did, in the name of encouraging competition. But North Carolina’s governor signed the bill while Blanco, citing concerns over local control and damaging municipalities’ income, vetoed the bill.  On the basis of North Carolina’s evidence, Blanco was right.   —>

Public wants comments on M.T.T.V.
by Kathryn Cosse
Community Press & Community Recorder (OH)

MIAMI TWP – Just weeks ago, an Ohio legislative bill threatened the existence of Miami Township’s local government access channel. Now, some citizens say they want to see more of meetings broadcasted.  Specifically, they want the public comment portion of the township trustees’ meetings on their television set.

Though the public comments are recorded in public record in the minutes, only the business portions of the meetings air on Miami Township television.  “If they are trying to show how government works, this is one part of it,” said Miami Township resident Steve Neago, ” … people being able to ask questions of trustees and seeing through TV what is the trustees’ response.”   —>

Governor Establishes Broadband Ohio Network to Help Expand High Speed Internet Access to All Ohioans
Campaigns & Elections

In order to coordinate and expand access to the state’s broadband data network, Ohio Governor Ted Strickland has signed an executive order establishing the Ohio Broadband Council and the Broadband Ohio Network.  The order directs the Ohio Broadband Council to coordinate efforts to extend access to the Broadband Ohio Network to every county in Ohio. And the order allows public and private entities to tap into the Broadband Ohio Network – all with a goal of expanding access to high-speed internet service in parts of the state that presently don’t have such service.   —>

Kenny Neal Public Access TV Show (CA)
Blues Historian

People of Palo Alto California, don’t realize how lucky they are to have Kenny Neal doing a public access show for them! Kenny Neal, son of the late Raful Neal. Kenny is promoting both local and national blues acts on his show. However, what is really cool about this show, is Kenny Neal is a blues star himself. He knows most of the people he brings onto his show, and actually goes out and recruits local blues artists to perform on his show. To read a nice article about the show in the Palo Alto Online Click Here. They also have a short video/sideshow of a part of the show on the page that is worth your time to check it out.

A place for the blues
Louisiana bluesman brings his beloved music to town with local TV show
by Elizabeth Obreza
Palo Alto Weekly (CA)

Under the studio lights, Kenny Neal’s golden harmonica holder shimmers almost as much as the diamond cross hanging around his neck. But neither attracts the audience’s attention like his glistening white smile. Short dreadlocks peek out from under what he calls his “jazz hat,” one that is wicker and short-brimmed, with three feathers in its black bandanna.

Neal looks toward tonight’s guest, Oakland blues and rhythm vocalist E.C. Scott, and sings, “Put on your red dress because we’re going out tonight.” Scott responds, “My red dress in the cleaners, but my shift will steal the show,” adding, “and it’s not the back that’s cut too low.” The camera pans across the cheering audience before Neal and Scott start discussing their first meeting.

Louisiana bluesman Kenny Neal is bringing the soul of blues to the Midpeninsula through public access TV with “Neal’s Place,” the program he produces through the Media Center in Palo Alto.

Deep Dish Waves of Change
Alliance for Community Media

The Alliance for Community Media is holding their annual conference in Minneapolis.  Lauren Glynn Davitian received the George Stoney award for her work with Chittenden Community Television in Burlington, Vermont, and for her leadership in community media at the state and national level.

compiled by Rob McCausland
Director of Information & Organizing Services
Alliance for Community Media

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