Community Media: Selected Clippings – 07/29/07

Help Save the Education Channel
Tampa Film Fan (FL)

—>   The Tampa Tribune Saturday editorial gets it wrong! Voters consistently say they want more education, less government. And what does the County cut — education instead of government! The Education Channel is so much more than school board meetings. And you certainly can’t find anything like it online! Comparing educational content to videos placed on YouTube is insulting at the very least. And although the county administrator has been asked to cut some fat from the budget—of 3 and 3/4 billion dollars, employees will still be receiving raises this year. The real issue is that the government-run TV channel can not meet the minimum standards of 10 hours of programming per day required by the new state cable franchise law with over 24 employees! What’s wrong with that picture?   —>

Cable TV bill supporters getting some divine help
Pierce County Herald (WI)

AT&T and its hired lobbyists have taken quite a beating lately over the proposed cable deregulation bill. But now, they’re getting some divine intervention.  A group of ministers rallied at the State Capitol Thursday in support of the bill to have the state regulate cable TV instead of local communities.   —>

City, cable firms at odds
by Francis X. Gilpin
Montgomery Advertiser (AL)

—>   Last week, Bright formally notified Knology Inc., one of Montgomery’s two cable providers, that the city has begun a process that could lead to the company losing its franchise here. Franchise agreements for both Knology and Charter Communications Inc., the other cable provider, expired last year. But the city’s renewal talks with Knology have been rockier.  … In any new contracts, mayoral aide Jeff Downes said Bright wants at least three concessions from the companies, which are honoring the old contracts for now:

* Financial incentives so complaints about picture quality and the like are addressed quickly.
* More availability of cable service in newer subdivisions and older inner-city neighborhoods that still lack it.
* Dial space for local public access shows, educational presentations and government meetings — so-called PEG channels.

“What we’re asking for is nothing extraordinary,” Bright said.   —>

also reported, with comments at Broadband Reports:

A game plan for Brunswick
Volunteers start sports show on TV to combat kids’ temptations (NC)
by Jason M. Rodriguez
The Sun News

William Smith sees the temptation of trouble that today’s youth can get into and recognizes that sports-type activities are slowly being cut out of physical education classes.  Because of that, the 52-year-old Holden Beach, N.C., man is leading a quest to make young athletes stars by broadcasting highlights of local sporting events on a public access channel as early as this fall.   —>

From city’s geographic heart, TV network to pump out info
Boston Globe (MA)

To Curtis Henderson, general manager of Boston Neighborhood Network, it seems natural to house a community-focused public television company in a building that was originally meant for electrical generators. “Now we’re going to generate a new kind of power here — digital power, information power,” Henderson said.   —>

compiled by Rob McCausland
Director of Information & Organizing Services
Alliance for Community Media

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