Community Media: Selected Clippings – 08/19/07

New age arrives for government TV
by Nancy Huddleston
Savage Pacer (MN)

Quick! What do you think when you hear the words “government access television?”  Boring meetings? A local cooking show? Re-broadcasts of a local parade?  Or, do you think of an edgy performance by a local band? How about a new-age film produced by local teens?

Twenty years ago, government access television was a new concept limited to broadcasting city meetings. Today, government access television has expanded to web streaming of meetings, broadcasts of graduation ceremonies, and the production of special city-based programming and resident-produced shows.

What’s more, residents have new studios in Savage City Hall at their disposal and Jeff Renner is inviting residents to stop by and see what’s available. Renner, the city’s video production coordinator, can’t talk fast enough about all the options the new studio gives residents. But one thing’s for sure – he wants the public to use the studio.   —>

Selectmen discuss cable access channel
New technology debated
by Jennifer Feals
Seacoast Online (NH)

EXETER — By month’s end, residents, organizations and employees could post programming they would like to see on Channel 22.  The Board of Selectmen reviewed a policy Monday in the final steps to turn Channel 22, EXTV, into a public access channel. In addition to town government and educational programming now on the channel, the public access aspect will allow residents and others in the community opportunity to display their own programming.   —>

Peters Council OKs multi-community deal with Verizon for services
by Janice Crompton,
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (PA)

Peters residents soon will be offered lower prices and more choices for cable television, high-speed Internet and local phone services, through an agreement approved by council Monday.  The deal, which has been in the works for months between Peters, Upper St. Clair, Mt. Lebanon and Bethel Park, calls for a 12-year franchise agreement with Verizon Communications for cable television services through new fiber optic lines now being installed throughout the South Hills…

The agreement with Verizon includes a 5 percent franchise fee for the township, based on gross revenue, and an $11,300 grant from Verizon for use with public access programming. In five years, the contract calls for another grant from Verizon based on 20 cents per subscriber per month.  The township likely will use the grant to purchase more equipment for its three public access channels, said township Assistant Manager Paul Lauer.

Verizon will continue to offer three public access channels for local programming, along with telephone and high-speed Internet services within five years for most of the township.   —>

[ J-Lab’s Jan Schaffer presented much of this information at the ACM’s conference in Minneapolis last month.  Here’s an interesting set of comments about their research. – rm ]

Hyper Local — a recap of the J-Lab research
by Cho
ePluribus Media

“With limited leadership and very little revenues, 73% of those who responded pronounced their sites to be a success.”

One of the goodies we picked up while at Media Giraffe in DC is the Ford foundation funded study (The J-Labs Report: Citizen Media: Fad or the Future of the News?) completed by Jan Schaffer and the good folks at J-Lab: The Institute for Interaction Journalism, associated with the Philip Merrill College of Journalism, University of Maryland.

The data for the study consist of survey responses and interviews with what is known now as hyper-local citizen media sites ( See a breakdown of types of citizen media sites in Bridging the Gap between Citizen Journalists and Traditional Media).  Hyperlocal sites are those — such as the New Haven Independent, Free New Mexican, The Forum, Westport Now!, and ibrattleboro — that serve to report on news in a geographic community, which has often been abandoned by the traditional media.   —>

compiled by Rob McCausland
Director of Information & Organizing Services
Alliance for Community Media
wiki: http:/

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