Community Media: Selected Clippings – 08/31/07

Letter: Show Your Support For Public Access
by Howard Troxler
TroxBlog (FL)

Here’s a letter asking for public opposition to the decision by Pinellas County to eliminate public-access cable programming as part of its budget cuts (while keeping the government’s own channel intact, of course):

Pinellas Community Television (PCTV) is declaring Tuesday, September 4 as Freedom of Speech Day in
Pinellas County. We are encouraging everyone who cares about Freedom of Speech to dress in their best  RED WHITE and BLUE  outfits (and/or wear pins, flag ties, flags!) and show up at the Pinellas County Commissioner’s Meeting on the fifth-floor in the Assembly Room of the Pinellas County Courthouse to speak up by showing up to save Access Pinellas at 6:30, Tuesday, September 4.

We must get the word out ! Without a strong showing we feel the cause is lost. It may be already, but we are going to show our colors of freedom and let them know they too should hold precious our freedom of speech avenues of expression . We have given them several alternative plans that will not cost nearly as much money. We just want to keep our station and our access. — Michael Bagby

Losing Mass telecast symptomatic of system
Letter to the Editor by Bob Demers
Kennebec Journal & Morning Sentinel (ME)

As a St. Michael parishioner, I, too, regret the loss of the telecast of the Sunday Mass (article, Aug. 24). However, it’s important to understand that Channel 9 is a commercial cable television station operated by Time Warner solely for profit. Pricing community access off the air is, as Time Warner spokesperson Peter Dewitt says, “… a matter … of recouping overtime and production costs…” Unless Time Warner is convinced that it is in their best fiscal interests to televise local events for free, nothing will come of complaining. Altruism is not in their corporate vocabulary.

Eleven years ago, Gardiner had an opportunity to establish a free community access cable television channel as part of its franchise agreement with the cable company. Lack of interest on the part of the community and City Hall lost that opportunity in 1996. That agreement expired more than a year ago and Gardiner has yet to start negotiating a new agreement.

These negotiations provide the mechanism by which free community access television is established. With the informed support of community organizations and area individuals, including St. Michael parishioners, there may yet be an opportunity to make local events freely accessible to our residents via cable TV. In any event, we’ll get what we deserve.

There is much more to this issue than can be communicated in 250 words or less. A close perusal of would be a good place to begin learning more about the cable access situation here in central Maine.

Athens Township: State could take over local cable franchise agreements
by Warren Howeler
Evening Times (PA)

ATHENS TOWNSHIP – The Athens Township Supervisors this week approved a 10 year renewal of the municipality’s franchise agreement with Time Warner Cable and it could end up being the last such agreement that the township has with its local cable company.  That’s because Pennsylvania lawmakers are currently looking at implementing legislation that would bring those local franchises under the control of the commonwealth, according to David Whalen, vice president of Time Warner Cable’s public and government relations.   —>

Candidate wants forum on township TV channel
by Kara Fitzpatrick
Bucks County Courier Times (PA)

The debate hasn’t even begun but the candidates for the Northampton board of supervisors already are sparring over whether an upcoming forum should be televised on the township’s public access channel.  The candidates forum, which is sponsored by the Northampton Township Business and Professional Association, is scheduled for 7 p.m. Sept. 11 at the township building, 55 Township Road.

Democratic candidate Frank Rothermel, who is running for one of two available seats on the five-member board, said he’d like to see the forum aired on the municipal access channel instead of the minimal exposure it gets on a county-wide public service channel. But, he said, the township supervisors have denied his request, as they did when he ran in 2005.  Incumbent Republican and township Supervisor James Kinney said a political debate doesn’t have a place on a channel that is supposed to be strictly for communication about municipal information.   —>

Arlington Community Access Television: through Sept. 5
by Bob Sprague (MA)

Programs on Arlington Community Access Television through Wednesday, Sept. 5, follow. Channels reported are for Comcast and RCN. Verizon access channels (24, 26 and 31) appear to be ready, and the schedule for those channels is expected after Sept. 5   —>

Felicidades! WYCE Celebrates 20+ years of El Mundo Musical
Community Media Center (MI)

This fall, WYCE is celebrating 20 years of programming in our current format. Technically the station first went on the air in 1983. And the first person on the mic was the very same person who is first on the mic today: Oscar Zuniga, six days a week, hosting “El Mundo Musical”, our Spanish-language music show.

Nevada County Local and World news brought to you by Grass Valley Television and anchored by Buck Stoval and Randy Hansen (CA)

This Project is also shown on NCTV Public Access Nevada County Channel 11 through Comcast.  Also you can receive podcast through Apple Itunes just search (gvtv news).

New Web Sites Aim for TV Experience
by Jake Coyle

Watching video online in small, fuzzy boxes is heading the way of rabbit ears.  Some highly anticipated Web sites are being modeled on making the experience of watching video online more like watching television. These sites rely on software that enlarges the interface so that it fills your computer screen — from edge to edge.

This new wave of applications is led by Joost and includes VeohTV and Babelgum. Though all are in beta (testing) phases, the hype has been mounting — leading many to claim the next big advance in online video is imminent.   —>

compiled by Rob McCausland
Director of Information & Organizing Services
Alliance for Community Media

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