Community Media: Selected Clippings – 09/16/07

MIT seeks teachers to brainstorm Sept. 26 on civic-engagement media projects for youth
by Bill Densmore
Media Giraffe Project (MA)

A new initiative to teach youth how to become “citizen journalists” has been launched at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and researchers are asking teachers to share curriculum and project ideas at a Wed., Sept. 26 focus-group dinner in Cambridge starting at 6 p.m. Individuals involved in video, journalism or new-media projects involving youth are welcomed.

The gathering is part of MIT’s “Center for Future Civic Media,” funded with $5 million from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. It’s a joint project of the school’s media lab and its comparative media studies department.

“The goal of the focus group and the Center is to connect with some consistent groups of youth who are interested in working in this area and start some pilot projects (with the equipment and manpower support from MIT) in the area of citizen media with youth,” says Danielle Martin, a former afterschool educator, now a graduate student, who is coordinating the gathering. To attened, contact Martin at d_martin [ at ] or Ingeborg Endter (inge [ at ] ) at the MIT Media Lab (617-253-0311).

Endter says the idea is to explore how media including cell phones, websites and new online tools, can foster community> engagement. Supporting citizen journalism, social activism, and democratic process are a significant part of our focus.

“Right now we’re looking for a few high-school or middle-school teachers who would be willing to help some researchers at the Center to engage youth – in journalism, civics projects, or community action projects,” says Endter. “These will be real projects putting new and inventive ideas to the test.” He adds: “We’d like the teacher(s) to come and brainstorm with us, and then involve some students in our projects.”

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Musicians push water safety on TV show
by Cindy Cantrell
Boston Globe (MA)

Medford residents Matthew Ryan and Allen Hull, who perform together in the classic-rock band, Someday Rome, share another common thread: They both survived water-related accidents as children.  Ryan was 2 or 3 years old when he fell off a dock and was rescued by his father. At 7, Hull was running alongside a neighbor’s swimming pool when he slipped and fell in. Having never learned to swim, he sank to the bottom before being pulled to safety by a young friend’s father.

Now, Ryan, 24, and Hull, 25, are raising awareness of water safety this month on “Drawing With Fred,” a Watertown Community Access television show hosted by Fred Grandinetti of Watertown.   —>
Journalism That Matters — the DC Sessions

This is the wiki home for the Aug. 7-8, 2007 convening of Journalism That Matters: The DC Sessions at The George Washington University, and the followup discussions and activities.


“What happens when only the journalism is left?” Strip away the platforms, the jobs, the institutions, and what will sustain participatory democracy? Are we advancing to a news ecosystem more like English coffeehouses and pamphleteering than mass media? What happens when the “press” becomes a digital “pipe”? Who controls the press then?

The Journalism that Matters action-oriented discussions are an ongoing series of activities and convenings to critique and build upon a 21st-century newsroom prototype and help develop an economic model that supports it. Together we are answering these crucial questions: If advertising and journalism continue to decouple, how can we ensure that quality journalism will have its own intrinsic value? How will our newsrooms and classrooms adapt to the new news ecology in which credentialed bloggers cover federal-court proceedings, vloggers go to prison in defense of First Amendment principles and crowdsourcing blossoms?    —>

Gopher Hockey Manifesto
Wild Puck Banter (MN)

—>  I lived in Duluth until I was 22 years old, and stunningly enough, I am sure I watched twice as much Gopher hockey than Bulldog hockey. Every single UMTC game is televised throughout the entire state. Every single bleeping game. Hockey fans in Northeastern Minnesota should grow up Bulldog fans based on geography alone, but on cold Winter nights they are forced to watch the only games on TV, which happen to originate from Minneapolis. It’s now even gotten to the point where UMD hockey isn’t even going to be televised locally at all this season, save public access TV.
compiled by Rob McCausland
Alliance for Community Media

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