Community Media: Selected Clippings – 09/19/07

Election Forums Are Coming!
Waycross Community Media (OH)

In the month prior to an election brings out Waycross Election Forums. The purpose of these forums is to help our residents become better informed voters and encourage participation in the democratic process. Residents are encouraged to call-in or e-mail questions to the candidates or issue representatives during the live forums. WEF cover those local, county, state and federal candidates and issues that appear on the ballots in Forest Park, Greenhills and Springfield Township. Live forums can be carried on the Government Access Channel or the Metro Access Channel. Candidate & Issue Profile programs are also presented.  To read more about the Rules for Participation, please click here .

Audit of Charter Cable uncovers short payments to Sullivan County
by Mac McLean
Bristol Herald Courier (TN)

Sullivan County residents could see a slight increase in their monthly cable bills after an independent audit revealed Charter Communications owed the county government almost a half-million dollars in back franchise fees.  “From this point on, we’ll be getting the correct franchise fees,” said County Mayor Steve Godsey. “The cable industry isn’t regulated, so they can do whatever they want to do.”

Nine months ago, Godsey hired John Howell with the Waynesville, N.C.-based Telecommunications Consulting Associates, to audit Charter’s franchise agreements with the county.  Charter is required to pay the county government 3 percent of the money it earns providing cable services to county residents each year.  Howell’s audit found the company neglected to include nearly $15 million in revenues when it calculated these payments, also known as franchise fees, between 2000 and 2006.   —>

Washoe County TV station available on the Internet
Reno Gazette-Journal (NV)

Washoe County programming community cable station TV-17 is available on the Internet.  You can find it at the county’s website,  If you click on the WCTV-17 online link at the right of the screen, you can view a live stream of the county’s channel as well as selected “video on demand” programs that have been archived.

“This new online service will make access to information about county programs and services more accessible to all 400,000 of our citizens,” said Kathy Carter, county community relations director.  Previously, county programming could be viewed only by Charter Communications customers who had access to TV-17. Public meetings are indexed and archived within two days of the actual meeting.

Public’s thoughts on future cable services sought by town
License renewal meeting set for Sept. 19
by David Still II
Barnstable Patriot (MA)

If you have ideas about what should be included in the the town’s next cable contract, then Wednesday is your day. Town Manager John Klimm, along with the town’s cable advisory committee and special counsel, will hold a meeting to hear what the community, both through its institutions and residents, sees as its cable-related needs. It is part of the federal “ascertainment” process in advance of renewing cable franchise licenses.

David Cole, chairman of Barnstable’s cable advisory board, said there are six areas that the town’s consultant would like the Comcast company to address. Some testimony has been lined up related to areas such as government and educational access channels, emergency alert systems and maintaining a customer service office in Barnstable.

The town is working well in advance of the Dec. 31, 2009 expiration date for the license. Barnstable has negotiated in tandem with other towns in the past, but will be going it alone this time out.    —>

TV for the people: Public-access cable finally coming to Phila.
by Mark McDonald
Philadelphia Daily News (PA)

More than two decades after it was promised, Philadelphians finally will get public-access television, with five community channels coming early next year.  Mayor Street yesterday announced an agreement among the city, Comcast and the spunky Philadelphia Community Access Coalition to create a nonprofit corporation to run the new public-access channels.

Comcast will provide $1.8 million to help turn the vacant art deco Widener branch of the Free Library at 28th Street and Lehigh Avenue into a modern studio and meeting place.  Comcast will make a second grant of $900,000 by 2010 and pay an annual $500,000 subsidy to support analog Channel 66 and four digital channels.  The city will pay the new corporation’s utility bills for five years as part of the deal. The Street administration will send legislation to City Council in the next two weeks to codify the agreement.   —>

Public Access TV Coming To Philadelphia
by Jenny DeHuff
The Bulletin (PA)

With combined efforts from Comcast Corporation and the Philadelphia Community Access Coalition (PCAC), public access television is one step closer to staking a claim in the airwaves  Mayor John F. Street made the announcement yesterday from the podium inside his reception room in City Hall, joined by Managing Director Loree Jones.  “This project is nearly a quarter of a century in the making,” she said, citing years of negotiation battles between the city and television companies.

…The Philadelphia Public Access Corporation will conduct business through a 15-member board of directors comprised of the president of the city council, the commissioner of public property, six mayoral appointees, six city council president appointees and one PCAC appointee. This board will serve until October 2008, when a new 19-member board will be selected at the Philadelphia Public Access Corporation’s first annual meeting.

Philly PEG Progress Proves Persistanse Pays! (PA)
Waves of Change

This is a picture of Inja Coates who has lead the fight for public access in Philadelphia, the last major US city to have PEG (public, educational and government) access. For years she, Media Tank and other activists have held forums, have challenged the city council, have marched in the streets to demand their rights to community media. This week was a huge victory for everyone in Philadelphia!   —>

Digital Bridge Camp
by Freeman Murray
where’s freeman

—>   Yesterday, Sapna Shahani who worked at the Berkeley Community Media Center before moving back to India talked about her plans to set up a community media center in Mumbai.   —>

Haiti: Internews Launches Community Radio Project
Internews press release

Internews Network launched a community radio programme in Haiti last week with a focus on building the technical and journalism skills and overall capacity of some 40 community radio stations around the country in an effort to strengthen citizens’ involvement in community affairs. The programme includes training for journalists on how to report accurately on HIV/AIDS, other health issues and gender-based violence.   —>,2725,494-666592,00.html

A Montreal cable access channel?

The CRTC is currently accepting public comments in advance of hearings to be held on new broadcasting applications. Among them is an interesting proposal for a new television station out of Montreal.  Télévision communautaire Frontenac is an organization of about a half-dozen people who live within three or four blocks of the Frontenac metro station. They want to put together a low-budget cable access channel specifically for their neighbourhood (but also the city).

The application (ZIP file with PDFs) is for a French-language Category 1 specialty channel for cable/satellite service. Such a designation, if granted, would require the channel be available on all services that can provide it (They seem to be specifically targetting Bell Canada’s ExpressVu satellite service, which is nationwide) — though it would not require them to be necessarily provided as part of basic packages.

The station’s plan is to broadcast 25 hours a week, with 60% locally-produced community programming, of which 1 hour every week is new. Naturally, because of the bare-bonedness of the operation, it would not provide luxuries like closed-captioning or descriptive audio.

Montreal currently has a few low-budget non-profit channels, though none seem to conflict directly with the proposal:

* CFTU-TV 29 (Canal Savoir), an education channel run and produced by Quebec’s universities
* CIVM-TV 17 (Télé-Québec), a provincially-owned network with a variety of shows but with emphasis on educational programming for children
* CJNT-TV 62 (CJNT Montreal/E!), a CanWest-owned multicultural station that fills its remaining schedule with much-needed celebrity gossip shows and second-rate U.S. network programming simulcasts.   —>

TVbytheNumbers.Com Launches With Panel Interview on Internet Video Metrics
Online Destination for Television Metrics and Analysis Now Available
09/19/07, your home for all the numbers about television launches today with a “virtual” panel on Internet Video Metrics consisting of respected Internet leaders and representatives from the measurement companies that play a critical role in the measurement of television and video audiences.  The Internet Video Metrics panel is live and available today at Featured industry leaders include:

* Ted Leonsis (Vice Chairman Emeritus, AOL)
* Mark Cuban (President and co-founder HDNet/HDNet Movies)
* Dave Thomas (President, Nielsen Media Client Services)
* Gian Fulgoni (Chairman, comScore)
* Konrad Feldman (CEO, Quantcast), founded by Internet veterans Bill Gorman and Robert Seidman, provides television industry professionals, enthusiasts and ‘stats addicts’ with TV ratings, overnights and trend analysis of today’s most popular programs. Designed to be the de-facto daily information destination for people interested in the data that drives the television industry, also features insight into key metrics on time-shifting, website traffic, video streaming, advertising and business.

“There’s a lot of useful information on the television audience available, and yet the demand for topline industry intelligence grows. Our aim is to fill that void by centralizing the available data and providing thoughtful and timely visual analysis of the numbers, news and issues that drive the industry,” said Gorman, a co-founder of AOL International and former “Mayor” of AOL’s Digital City San Francisco.

“We hope to make the wealth of audience data easier to understand through both analysis and useful charting techniques,” said Seidman, who is a well regarded Internet analyst and newsletter author, chronicling the online world from its pre-web days to mass adoption.

Site Debuts with Panel of Industry Luminaries Discussing Online Video

The Internet Video Metrics panel focuses on many of the issues that will dominate measurement of online video content.    “There will be challenges with metrics due to the current lack of technology and advertising standards, but there is also tremendous opportunity as the advertising market for it is expected to grow to $4.3 billion in less than five years,” said Seidman.

“Measurement of any new medium is difficult, but it is especially so in a hyper-growth market like internet video. Internet video has a variety of challenges when it comes to measurement, the biggest of which is measuring the relative value of one video over another,” said Ted Leonsis, Vice-Chairman Emeritus, AOL and owner of the Washington Capitals NHL franchise.

“Reach and user-engagement are going to be the most important metrics for Internet video. When a new video suddenly gets popular – as did Funny or Die’s ‘The Landlord’ – it becomes a very valuable commodity,” said Konrad Feldman, co-founder and CEO, Quantcast. “But real-time speed and resolution are required if advertisers and publishers are to capitalize on such transient opportunity. At Quantcast, we have started supporting all of these measures for video content producers, free of charge.”

The panel – along with the site’s rich data resources and breaking analysis of real-time trends – is available today at

compiled by Rob McCausland
Alliance for Community Media

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