Community Media: Selected Clippings – 10/13/07

Redefining Media: Media Democracy and Community Radio
A CKUT 20th Anniversary Event
October 19th-21st, 2007
McGill University, Montreal, Quebec

Keynote Presentation: Lecture and Book Signing with Amy Goodman
“Static: Government Liars, Media Cheerleaders, & the People Who Fight Back”

Sessions include:
Building a Low Watt Transmitter
Canadian Media and The War on Terror
Anti-Oppression and Community Radio
Know Your Radio Rights
Community Radio Around the Globe
Indigenous Radio
Tools for Independent Journalists
Community Radio in Canada
Women in Community Radio
Interview Techniques
Community Radio and the CRTC
Smut in the Studio
Recording and Editing 101

On today’s radioshow: Community Radio CKUT’s 20th Anniversary Conference
by Paul Riismandel

Montreal, Quebec’s community radio station CKUT is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a conference focused on Redefining Media: Media Democracy and Community Media – . Gretchen King from CKUT’s Community News Department will be my guest on today’s mediageek radioshow to talk about the conference and the station’s unique approach to serving its community.

Tune in live at 5:30 PM CDT (6:30 EDT) on community radio WEFT 90.1 FM if you’re in the Champaign, IL area, or tune in to WEFT’s live webstream if you’re connected to the internets anywhere in the world.  An archive of the program will be posted to the radioshow page by midnight Sunday night.

Cable bill comes due
by Morgan Cook
Columbia Missourian

The city of Columbia filed a lawsuit against cable provider Mediacom in an effort to recover $1.34 million in unpaid cable franchise fees and support for the city’s public access channel.  The city is seeking $93,105 in underpaid franchise fees dating from 2001 to 2004 and $1.5 million in support for Columbia Access Television dating from 2001 to 2007.

As of September, cable providers are required by the city to pay 5 percent of their gross revenue in franchise fees in return for use of the public right of way. The rate was previously set at 3 percent.  Support for CAT was simply underpaid, according to the city. It estimates that Mediacom has only paid CAT $163,220 since 2004.

In a list of affirmative defenses filed by the court, Mediacom lawyer Ronald Hack stated that the city misinterpreted the franchise agreement and should not be allowed to ask for more money after accepting earlier support. Further, the city’s attempt to extract the money retroactively prevents the company from passing costs on to consumers.   —>

Randy Luallin is running for the position as Louisville mayor
by Randy Luallin (CO)

—>   Another cherished right of our people is freedom of speech. Chuck Sisk by his actions and inaction has attempted to rid our community of Public Access Television. Inaction by not standing up to Comcast in retaining the same requirements for providing Public Access Television in exchange for use of the Public Right of Way in the new franchise agreement. His actions of reducing the allocation of PEG fees for Public Access Television and giving the money to the Government Channel for use in remodeling the City Counsel chambers. This has made the survival of free speech for any citizen via Public Access Television in jeopardy. This must also be remedied.

TV giants lock horns with Microsoft and Google over white space wireless play
‘God made those airwaves for us’
by Cade Metz
The Register

The heads of America’s four largest television networks have joined forces to oppose a plan that would stream high-speed internet access over unused TV airwaves. And in doing so, they’re taking aim at one of the great oddities of the modern tech industry: a partnership between Google and Microsoft.  A coalition of big-name tech companies – including Dell, HP, Intel, and Philips as well as Google and Microsoft – is urging the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to allow the use of personal computing devices that transmit data over the country’s television “white spaces” – portions of the TV spectrum that aren’t used for broadcasting.

Local TV stations have already launched a public attack on the plan, claiming that white space devices will interfere with their signals, and now, the nationwide television networks that piggy-back on these stations are joining the fray.  This week, Broadcasting & Cable reports, the big wigs who control ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC sent a letter to FCC Chairman Kevin Martin, urging him to slap down Google, Microsoft, and the rest of the White Spaces Coalition. They even went so far as to say that white space devices will scar the American airwaves forever.   —>

Mobile MUSE – OPEN CALL – Community Generated Media
by David Vogt
Mobile MUSE (Canada)

In anticipation of public engagement potentials related to the 2010 Winter Olympics, the Mobile MUSE Network is launching its third major development program (MUSE3).   MUSE3 will focus on community generated media (CGM)” to activate “live space” potentials – building technologies and toolkits to enable communities to use mobile, internet, and large public display media for collective expression and celebration.  Over the next two years MUSE3 will engage with a set of communities to develop and showcase these technologies.

Media companies, arts groups, community leaders, researchers and other visionaries are invited to provide concise project proposals by November 15th, 2007.  Please review our Open Call for further details.

The age of citizen programming is upon us
by Alan Moore
Communities Dominate Brands

We all know about YouTube ( YouTube the folk culture of the 21st Century – On steroids), and some of us will know of Current TV ( Democratising TV. The Al Gore way ), some of us will know that major disasters often are now suported by Citizen reporting. Hurricane Katrina – The London 7th July bombings ( London bombings: Citizen Journalism arrives to TV ) – 911 and of course the recent atrocities in Burma . An article entitled Citizen-produced TV programs coming of age by Yomiuri caught my eye today.   —>

compiled by Rob McCausland
Alliance for Community Media

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