Community Media: Selected Clippings – 10/16/07

Regulators order AT&T to apply for cable TV license for ‘U-verse’
Associated Press
Stamford Advocate (CT)

State utility regulators on Monday ordered AT&T to get a cable television license for the Internet protocol-based TV service it is currently providing in Connecticut.  Department of Public Utility Control commissioners said a recent ruling by a federal judge made it clear that AT&T’s “U-verse” constitutes a cable television service, and the company is operating it without proper authorization.

Commissioners unanimously rejected the company’s application for a “video franchise” certificate, which state Attorney General Richard Blumenthal said would have allowed AT&T to run “U-verse” under regulations that are less strict than those for cable television. The DPUC ordered AT&T to apply for a cable TV license no later than Dec. 31.

The agency, however, is allowing AT&T to continue offering “U-verse” to existing customers until a decision is made on the cable television license. The company will be prohibited from signing up new customers and installing new equipment related to the Internet protocol service while the cable TV application is pending.   —>–attoct15,0,2470765.story?coll=hc-headlines-local-wire

AT&T Handed Franchise Defeat in Connecticut
State’s Department of Public Utility Control Says Telco Must Apply for Cable Franchise
by Todd Spangler
Multichannel News

The Connecticut Department of Public Utility Control on Monday rejected AT&T’s application to be designated a “competitive video provider” under a new state law — forcing the telephone company to halt its U-verse TV deployment in the state as it appeals the decision, or until it is granted a cable franchise.   —>

DPUC: AT&T needs a franchise
by Harlan Levy
Journal Inquirer (CT)

State regulators on Monday ruled that AT&T must also stop building new facilities to transmit U-verse and must apply for a franchise before Dec. 31. Otherwise, AT&T will be operating illegally, the state Department of Public Utility Control stated. Current service may continue.  The move throws a big wrench in AT&T’s plans to expand its 10-month-old service without a franchise wherever it wants to in Connecticut.   —>

City moves to block Lightspeed
by Rupa Shenoy
Daily Herald (IL)

West Chicago Monday became one of the first among many local municipalities expected to pass an ordinance protecting city rights of way from a new AT&T service.  The West Chicago City Council voted unanimously to update the existing policy.  “The consumers will feel no impact,” City Administrator Michael Guttman said. “Certainly it was the recommendation of others that we do this.”  Those “others” included the DuPage Mayors and Managers Conference, the Metropolitan Mayors Conference, and the Illinois Municipal League, he said.

The ordinance is the latest chapter in the saga over AT&T’s Project Lightspeed.  Lightspeed bundles phone, cable and Internet services and provides them in a high-speed format made possible, in part, by the addition of large utility boxes placed throughout municipalities.

Dozens of cities throughout the suburbs have resisted Lightspeed because AT&T declined to pay usual franchise fees. Officials also said the bulky utility boxes would be eyesores, and AT&T could place them anywhere, at will.  “They’re wanting to put them in parkways, whenever they think appropriate,” West Chicago Public Works Director Rob Flatter said. “In some places it’s just not appropriate.”

The company, in turn, sued several cities. The state recently passed a law giving the Illinois Commerce Commission the right to decide the matter; that decision is scheduled to come down by Oct. 24.   —>

Husband and wife media team making a difference
by Leila Noelliste
Chicago Defender (IL)

Morgan Carter and his wife, Wanda, are one of the city’s few Black media powerhouses. The couple, that celebrates nine years in broadcasting this month, produce World News and Omnibus Round Table; two hard-hitting news talk programs that air on Cable Access Network Television (Channel 19.) Wanda, who is one of the only Black women in Chicago to be trained in four facets of media – radio, television, internet broadcasting and publishing – does the shows’ production and technical direction, while Morgan hosts.   —>

Genealogy Today on Framingham TV (MA)
by Dick Eastman
Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter

If you live in Framingham, Massachusetts, you probably will be interested in the following message I received from Dave Robertson:

“I wanted to let you know that I’m having a new genealogy show on cable here in Framingham called “Genealogy Today with Dave Robertson” which can be viewed by anyone in Framingham.  Also you can ask you local Public Access TV to show it on your town’s station.

“It’s not going to be a how-to show, but we will be giving advice to help people do their genealogy better and we will be commenting on Issues in the news and from time to time we will interview guests on the show.  The show is in production now and they won’t give me an air date till four shows are in the can.  I hope to be able to complete that this month and go on-air in November.  It is to be available on FPAC-TV, Framingham’s Public Access Television.

“We are going to ask viewers to write in and tell us what things they are researching or if something is giving them a problem.  The first four shows are “The Premier;” Proof; An interview with the author of a Genealogy of the Wampanoag Tribe; and a take off from one of your columns “The Mother of all Genealogy Databases,” where we examine access to records and the privacy question.   I think it’s going to be great fun and I’m really excited about it. – David T. Robertson, host, Genealogy Today – GenealogyTodaydr [at]”   —>

Cape Cod Media Announces “All Access Cape Cod”
The Cape Cod Community Media Center’s Channel 17 Premieres “All Access Cape Cod”–A New Magazine Program for Cape Cod
Cape Code Today

SOUTH YARMOUTH — On Monday, October 15 at 6:30 p.m., the Cape Cod Community Media Center’s Channel 17 presented the premiere episode of “All Access Cape Cod.”   A monthly magazine containing feature stories from towns located in the mid-Cape area (Barnstable, Chatham, Dennis, Harwich and Yarmouth) and beyond.  “All Access Cape Cod” is a 30-minute magazine program with an insider’s look at the everyday life of the people, places or events that make up the fabric of Cape Cod.  It is hosted by radio talent Cat from Cool 102 FM.   —>

Community TV will host party
Honolulu Advertiser (HI)

Akaku: Maui Community Television will host a “relaunch” party following its annual board of directors meeting at 5:30 p.m. Friday at 333 Dairy Road.  The celebration includes program screenings, food and music.

The public-access station will debut a current-events program called “Maui Daily.” The show, billed as a “nightly video journal created by the people of Maui,” will accept edited reports and raw footage.  Another show, “Maui Daily Spotlight,” will offer “five minutes of fame” to musicians, comedians, poets, activists and nonprofit groups.  The party can be viewed live on Akaku Channel 54 or online at

compiled by Rob McCausland
Alliance for Community Media

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