Community Media: Selected Clippings – 10/24/07

Antigone at Media Democracy Fair on Friday! (Vancouver, BC)
by Amanda Reaume
Antigone Magazine

—>   Media Democracy Fair:  Come to the FREE Media Democracy Fair and meet representatives from your favorite local independent media outlets. 4:30pm – 7pm Friday October 26th at the Concourse in SFU Vancouver (Harbour Centre) 515 West Hastings Street.

Symposium: NYC – 11/2
Free speech and privacy challenges on muni networks
by Carol Ellison

What are the unique legal questions for municipal wireless networks in regards to privacy and First Amendment rights? New York University’s Journal of Legislation and Public Policy will explore that question at a November 2 symposium in New York City.  The symposium features two panel sessions:
* Challenges to Operating a Municipal Network, which will examine the various legal and fiscal structures of muni networks, including costs, benefits, and models for oversight and accountability.
* Civil Liberties on a Government-owned Network, which will examine the differences in the Constitutional requirements regarding privacy and first amendment rights for muni and private networks.

The symposium is open to the public. It will be held 1:00 – 4:15 p.m., in the Greenberg Lounge, Vanderbilt Hall, at the New York University School of Law, 40 Washington Square South. A photo I.D. is required for admission.

Comcast shooting itself in the foot with traffic shaping “explanations”
by Eric Bangeman
Ars Technica

As the evidence that Comcast is doing something untoward with BitTorrent and other traffic on its network has mounted, the cable company has tried clumsily to fend off accusations of wrongdoing. The latest developments come in the wake of several conference calls held by the ISP in which it attempted to make a case for its practice of sending forged TCP reset packets to interfere with some P2P traffic.

Timothy B. Lee, who is a regular contributor to the Tech Liberation Front blog as well Ars Technica, was invited to sit in on one of yesterday’s conference calls, along with folks from a handful of think tanks. According to Tim, the Comcast engineer on the call said that the Lotus Notes problems were a known side effect of Comcast’s traffic shaping practices, one the company was trying to fix. The engineer also “seemed to implicitly” concede that the accounts about the forged packet resets were accurate.   —>

Channel 61 says without $13,000, dark days ahead
by Stacy Brown
Times-Tribune (PA)

Public Access Channel 61 will lay off its only two paid employees Friday and will go dark by Monday if it does not raise $13,000, Lou Danzico, president of Scranton Today, told Scranton City Council on Tuesday.  Scranton Today is the operator of the public access channel.  “As of this moment, we need $13,000 to get through the rest of this year,” Mr. Danzico told the panel in a pre-meeting caucus. “We have two paid employees who will have to be laid off Friday, and we will go off the air by Monday, if this isn’t done,” he said.

Each of the five-member council vowed to try to find ways to aid Channel 61 and pledged to look at the city’s operating budget in an attempt to find funds.  “I urge my colleagues on council who has the ear of the mayor to speak to him,” Council finance chairwoman Janet Evans said.  Despite voting unanimously earlier this year to give $25,000 to Channel 61 to help keep it operating, council members later reneged on that promise, saying the city just does not have the money.  “I don’t know where we’re going to get the money from. At the time of the vote, I thought we had the money,” Councilman Bill Courtright said.   —>

Public access plan riles them in Hernando
St. Petersburg Times (FL)

BROOKSVILLE — Hernando County commissioners Tuesday joined the chorus of other central Florida officials who are considering legal action to keep local government and educational programming on basic cable television.  Bright House Networks over the summer notified Hernando County and other governmental entities in their service area that on Dec. 11, public access, governmental and educational channels would be moved to the basic digital tier of the network.   —>

Weston Wins Case Against Cablevision
by Don Casciato
Westport News (CT)

The Connecticut Department of Public Utility (DPUC) last week announced a ruling that Cablevision does not have the right to restrict local access television producers from offering their programs to other cable and video distributors.  The Town of Weston had challenged Cablevision’s claim that it could prohibit producers from making their productions available to other cable or video providers.

“I am thrilled that Weston was able to play a leading role in making this happen, and I thank the DPUC for their careful consideration of our concerns,” said Weston First Selectman Woody Bliss in a statement.  “The department’s ruling will have a significant impact well beyond Weston. We have established the right of people all over Connecticut to make the community access programs they produce available to more than just local Cablevision subscribers.”   —>

Blumenthal Shifts Stance On AT&T TV Service
Phone Giant Should Be Allowed To Resume Marketing U-Verse, Attorney General Says
by Mark Peters
Hartford Courant (CT)

After winning a months-long battle that ended with a prohibition against AT&T’s signing up new customers for its TV service, Attorney General Richard Blumenthal on Tuesday said the phone giant should be allowed to resume marketing the service.  Blumenthal reversed his stance against allowing AT&T to sign up new customers for what he called an illegal cable service amid growing political support for the state’s largest phone company.   —>,0,6451202.story

Rell, others come out in support of AT&T’s U-verse
by David Krechevsky
Republican-American (CT)

As a Superior Court judge in Hartford prepares to convene a hearing Friday in the battle over AT&T’s U-verse, the television service got a strong showing of support Tuesday.  Gov. M. Jodi Rell issued a statement urging state regulators to reverse their decision earlier this month to force AT&T to seek a cable TV franchise for the service. Meanwhile, the chairmen of the legislature’s Energy and Technology Committee announced plans to hold a news conference today in support of U-verse and to explain the intent of the state’s new video franchising law, which took effect Oct. 1.   —>

Blumenthal changes mind about U-verse
by Brian Lockhart
Stamford Advocate (CT)

In another twist in the legal battle over U-verse, AT&T’s new fiber-optic television service, the state attorney general yesterday reversed his earlier opposition to the company signing up subscribers while its operating license remains in limbo….

Attorney General Richard Blumenthal had last week hailed DPUC’s decision. But yesterday, fearing the legal battle over U-verse could stretch on for at least a year, Blumenthal wrote to AT&T, saying he was asking the DPUC to grant the company a stay while the court proceedings play out.  “We all agree that consumers should have access to U-verse – as many as possible, as soon as possible,” Blumenthal wrote. “If the stay is approved by the DPUC, AT&T may proceed to install and market new service while it contests the federal court’s conclusion that U-verse service is cable. . . . I hope that AT&T will support our motion.”   —>,0,841594.story?coll=stam-news-local-headlines

State Representatives to Hear from Public on Superferry

HONOLULU – Members of the state House will hear public testimony on the Hawaii Superferry on Thursday.  The hearing will be cablecast live on Olelo, public access television, Channel 54.   —>

North Carolina neighborhood homeowners voice concerns over contamination at nearby site
by Jay Gaines
Contaminated Nation

Residents living near the former CTS of Asheville plant are increasing their efforts to get the contaminated site on Mills Gap Road cleaned up.  Homeowners plan to appear on a community access television show tonight to voice concerns over contamination at the site, and they plan to meet with a lawyer Wednesday night to assess their legal options. They also are forming a nonprofit organization to help residents affected by the pollution.   —>

Watch ’em on TV
Bristol News (CT)

Nutmeg Television is airing the Federal Hill Association political forums from earlier this month, where the mayoral and City Council candidates addressed the issues raised by both the FHA and residents.   —>

Channel surfing
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (PA)

Public access station PCTV/Channel 21 is hosting a live mayoral debate 7 to 9 p.m. Saturday, with host Bruce Krane, producer of “Counting Controversy.”

Website Recommendation: The School Wars
by ChristineMM
The Thinking Mother

Ned Vare and Luz Shoshie are a married couple who live in Connecticut. They unschooled their only child until he was admitted to college.  They have a website “The School Wars” which has a lot of articles written by Ned, which have been published in their local newspaper. The articles are about the problems with public schools and schooling in general and some have pro-homeschooling components. Additionally they produce cable access television shows about problems with schooling.   —>

TV Program – Photographers of Northern Virginia for November
Northern Virginia Photographic Society

The TV series, Photographers of Northern Virginia, features outstanding  amateur and professional photographers displaying their images and providing  useful commentary about photographic techniques and equipment. Guests are primarily, but not exclusively, members of the clubs that make up the Northern Virginia Alliance of Camera Clubs (NVACC). The series is intended for both experienced and aspiring photographers, as well as for everyone else who enjoys viewing interesting and beautiful photographs.

Repeat programs of Photographers of Northern Virginia are now being shown on  a regular basis on Fairfax Public Access Channel 30 every Monday at 3:30 p.m. and every Friday at 3 p.m. They will no longer be shown on Channel 10.

Students can keep eye on legislators
by Katie Thibault
Badger Herald (WI)

WisconsinEye, a public broadcasting network that provides live coverage of legislative processes and state Supreme Court proceedings, was added to the statewide BadgerNet system last week.  BadgerNet provides data and video services throughout the state of Wisconsin and offers schools access to public programming.  “The state video network serves a number of campuses statewide,” said Chris Long, President and CEO of WisconsinEye.

Previously, WisconsinEye had been distributed only through digital cable by Time Warner and Charter to paying customers. The expansion of WisconsinEye to BadgerNet gives free access to some University of Wisconsin campuses — not including Madison — and public schools, Long said.  The partnership with BadgerNet will bring WisconsinEye to more than 255 schools and 54 college campuses across the state, according to WisconsinEye’s news release.   —>

Giants of Citizen Media Meet Up
Oh Yeon Ho and Jimmy Wales.
Founders of OhMyNews, Wikipedia compare visions.
by Cynthia Yoo

Oh Yeon Ho of OhmyNews and Jimmy Wales of Wikipedia created two distinct, highly influential media vehicles intended to unlock the collective wisdom of everyone online. Earlier this month, in Berkeley, California, these two met and discussed their latest projects and critical issues facing citizen media. We’ll let you listen in, but first a bit of background on Oh and Wales and their pioneering sites.   —>

compiled by Rob McCausland
Alliance for Community Media

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