FCC Seattle Media Ownership Hearing – MP3 Files

Last night I captured most of the FCC’s Seattle media ownership hearing live stream. (And a HUGE thanks to the crew, sponsors, and contributors for the coverage and the streaming – I hope to thank them by name in a subsequent post.)

I’ve placed seven mp3 files and their logs below. Missing here are the Commissioners’ opening remarks (my bad – I’ll explain later), and, due to a stream hiccup, the remarks of two members of the public (I’m really bummed I missed the remarks of the always inspiring Alan Bushong.)

Clayton Leander put me hep to the KPFA site, which has 8 hours of radio coverage in two files, both streaming and down-loadable, here and here. (Clay tells me Alan’s remarks are 46 minutes in on file 2.) KPFA began their coverage an hour before the proceedings, added commentary throughout (identifying speakers, etc.), and even took listeners’ calls (breaking away from the proceedings to do so).

StopBigMedia.com reports that a video archive will be available Monday, Nov. 12 here, though it’s not clear if that version will also include any sort of log. For additional info on this, stay tuned to ReclaimTheMedia.org.


This was my first attempt at capturing a live event’s audio stream. The level starts out weak. I fairly quickly boosted its gain, but appear to have slightly over-modulated for most of the rest of the proceedings. Also note that the log time-ins are approximate. If you’re interested in this topic, I suggest you download the files, and, depending on your available time, consult the log to find your friends, colleagues, and respected adversaries, and zero in on their contributions. Some of those you haven’t yet heard you may find helpful, as well.

At first blush, this editor’s choice includes 1) Deb Vinsel’s comments, noting that Washington’s state capitol Olympia only gets Seattle’s over-the-air TV, and 2) clear-spoken Amanda Anderson’s blazing comments about the deficits of mainstream media. Bless her, her family, her teachers, and her friends. It’s also worth noting that the crowd went wild at the conclusion of comments by Cornell University’s Emeritus Professor David Deschler. Stay tuned to this space for links to additional reviews of the event.

Final aside: some name-spellings here are perforce approximate. Your corrections, kind readers, are most welcome.

~Rob McCausland

FCC Seattle Hearing – Pt 1 (1:07:49) FCC-Seattle-1

00:00:00    Mark Emmert – President, U of WA
00:08:10    Ray Heacox – General Manager, King Broadcasting Seattle
00:13:15    Frank Blethen – Publisher/CEO, Seattle Times
00:18:30    John Carlson – Radio Talk Show Host, KVI-AM
00:23:45    Erubiel Valladares-Carranzo II – Radio Movimiento/La Voz del Pueblo
00:27:30    Oscar Morales
00:28:45    Christina Romano Glaubke (Dir., Children and the Media Program, Children Now
00:34:15    Mark Allen – President & CEO, Washington State Assoc. of Broadcaster
00:39:00    Elizabeth Blanks Hindman – Assoc. Prof., Washington State U.
00:44:30    Diana Kramer – VP & Gen Mgr, Puget Sound Publishing Company
00:50:00     Pamela Pearson – VP/Gen Mgr, KCPQ/KMYQ-TV
00:55:10     Jon Rand – Gen Mgr, KAYU TV, Spokane, KCYU TV, Yakima, KFFX TV, Tri-Cities
00:59:45    Cheryl Salomone – VP & Market Mgr, New Northwest Broadcasters
01:05:50     Andrew Scogdahl – Seattle-area AM Radio Broadcaster


FCC Seattle Hearing – Pt 2 (15:07) FCC-Seattle-2

00:01:40    Eric Holderman – ICF International
00:04:00    Jonathan Lawson – Exec. Dir., Reclaim the Media
00:06:15    Steve Kruger – Pres., AFTRA-Seattle
00:08:30    Don Miller – IT Dir., WA State Emergency Management Division
00:10:00    Bob Hasegawa – NCSL Cmt. on Communications
00:12:30    Thalia Syracopoulos – Board Member/Past Pres., NOW-Seattle Chapter


FCC Seattle Hearing – Pt 3 (9:41) FCC-Seattle-3

00:01:00    Lynn Ziegler – author, “Spongeheadz: U & MEdia”
00:03:15    Breona Gutschmidt – Editor/Writer, Parentmap Magazine
00:05:30    Ian Page Eccols – documentary filmmaker/artist
00:07:45    Chris Mullenbach – Market Researcher, Seattle Times


FCC Seattle Hearing – Pt 4 (1:12:47) FCC-Seattle-4

00:00:00    Alan Bushong – Exec. Dir., Capital Community TV, Salem, OR
00:00:25    Deb Vinsel, – Exec. Dir., Thurston Community TV, Olympia, WA
00:02:40    Chris Miller
00:04:45    Sue Disciple,  Mt Hood Cable Regulatory Commission
00:07:40    Jeff Pearson – filmmaker
00:09:45    Roberto ____ Radio KDMA
00:12:10    Andrea Cano (Oregon Farmworker Ministry; Oregon Alliance to Reform Media
00:14:10    David Bose – KTTH, Bonneville
00:16:15    David Deschler – Prof. Emeritus, Cornell U.
00:18:45    Sara Van Gelder – Exex, Editor, Yes Magazine
00:21:15    Fran Cortin – Publisher, Yes Magazine
00:23:30    John Klockner – Exec. Dir., Puget Sound Access, Kent, WA
00:25:00    Tim Karr – Campaign Dir., Free Press
00:28:15    Fred Schaiche – Producer/Board Member, Portland Community Media, Portland, OR
00:30:45    Amanda Anderson – 12-year old
00:32:15    Irana Anderson – 12-year old
00:33:00    Steve Anderson – Vol., Pepper Spray Productions; Indy Media Video Collective
00:34:50    Jim Tune – Pres., Arts Fund
00:37:00    Bill Whipple – Former News Director, KIRO Radio
00:39:10    Robert _______
00:41:30    Robin Carneen – Host /Producer, NAMAPAHH 1st People’s Radio, KSVR
00:44:20    Steve Ramsey – General Manager, KBCS
00:46:30    Jerome Edge – Host/Producer, Mass Mix Session, KSVR
00:49:30    Steve Silha – Past president, Washington News Council
00:51:45    Bruce Bergland – plain old consumer
00:54:05    Lee Robertus – Manager, Radio Free Moscow, Moscow, ID
00:56:25    Sue Wilson – broadcast journalist, filmmaker, “Broadcast Blues”
00:58:40    Susan McCabe – Past Board President, “Voice of Vachon” internet radio station
01:00:50    Kirstin Randall
01:03:20    Ursula Roytine – News Director, 710 Cairo
01:04:45    Julie Fredson – Producer, Seattle Cable Access Network)
01:08:05    Chris Benson – Preside, National Disabilities Broadcasters
01:11:15    Jeff Abrams – Boise Community Radio Project


FCC Seattle Hearing – Pt 5 (21:55) FCC-Seattle-5

00:00:55    Davey D Cook – Host, KPFA
00:06:35    Abby Dylan – National Board Member, Screen Actors Guild Seattle
00:11:35     Bruce Fife – President, American Federation of Musicians, Local 99
00:16:40     Joseph Orozco – Station Manager, KIDE 91.3 FM


FCC Seattle Hearing – Pt 6 (1:05:14)

00:01:40    Ellen King
00:04:35    David Ortiz
00:06:45    Bill Bachman
00:09:10    Patricia Shepard Barnes – Pres., National MS Society – Greater WA Chapter
00:11:35    Sami Cuva – Senior, Ballard High School
00:13:55    Amanda Cumbo – Sec., NW Region, Hip Hop Congress; 206 Zulu Nation
00:16:40    Jim Bowman
00:19:15    Jamon Shively – Partner Manager, Microsoft Online Advertising Syndication
00:21:25    Adrienne Weller – Freedom Socialist Newspaper
00:24:45    Scott Michaels – radio broadcaster
00:26:20    Lila  Kitaeff – Technical Director, reel grrls
00:27:50    Blair Anderson – WASH PIRG
00:29:45    David Griffith
00:31:45    Todd Boyle
00:34:20    Greg Mack – DJ, Custer’s Corner; KRFP Moscow, ID
00:36:20    Mike Bowersox – DJ, KRFP Moscow, ID
00:38:20    Adam Asenberg – DJ, KRFP Moscow, ID
00:40:05    Bob Capella
00:42:15    Carolyn Walden – local resident
00:43:20    Priestess Wright – ‘Few World Order’
00:45:25    Charles Northrup – Contractor, USAID
00:48:15    (Brandi?) – SeattleDirt.com
00:49:25    David Ward – ‘Rupert Mordough’
00:51:55    Matt Fuller
00:54:05    Jennifer Stock
00:56:10    Sidney Stock
00:58:20    Terry Sullivan – Washington Public Campaigns
01:00:50    Shirley Morrison – Seattle Raging Grannies
01:03:50    John Brow

FCC Seattle Hearing – Pt 7 (1:07:13) FCC-Seattle-7

00:00:00    James Whittlen
00:01:20    George Robertson
00:03:35    Kathleen Meyers
00:05:55    Brian Johnson
00:08:20    Roger Fulton
00:10:30    Eldon Ball
00:13:00    Matthew Fifer – Student, Nova Alternative High School
00:14:55    Gavin Dall – Producer, Digital Crossroads, KAOS, Olympia, WA
00:16:50    Stephen Sherrod – college student
00:18:25    Rhonda Huth – affordable housing worker
00:20:10    Shanee Sales – Student, Nova Alternative High School
00:21:35    Rev. David Blume – University Baptist Church, Seattle, WA
00:24:10    Jim Jolson – writer
00:26:05    Julie Envolsen
00:26:45    Callie Shanafelt – Producer, “Voices of Diversity”, KBCS
00:28:45    Luc Heuer – Music Dir., KAOS, Olympia, WA
00:31:10    King Khazm – Zulu Nation, Seattle Chapter
00:33:40    Alex Stonehill – independent journalist, Common Language Project
00:35:30    Sarah Stuteville – Co-founder, Common Language Project
00:37:30    Jessica Pardnow – Exec. Dir., Common Language Project
00:40:05    Liz Bown – Member, CWA Local 37082, Pacific Northwest Newspaper Guild
00:42:25    Dianne Brennan
00:44:35    Sami Muhlenberg
00:45:40    David Patterson
00:47:15    Elizabeth Davis – Volunteer, retired attorney
00:48:20    Fletcher Davis
00:50:00    Dave Lechman
00:52:10    Maggie Avener
00:54:15    Randy Roland  – Pepper Spray Productions
00:56:20    Ian Reese – Music Director, KGRG, Auburn
00:58:35    Mary Beth Lamb
01:00:55    Linda Boyd – Dir., Washington for Impeachment
01:03:05    Patricia Tillia – writer
01:04:55    Sandy Schoolfield – Board member, Washington News Council

[ seems the feed ended before the hearing did – sorry ’bout that ~ rm ]

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  3. […] to those files, and to MP3 files I made from most of the streamed testimony, with logs, appear two posts below in this […]

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