Perverse U-Verse

How long does it take U-Verse to change to a PEG access channel from a commercial channel? This silent video shows.

This video, prepared by Ross Braver of the City of San Jose, was presented by the Alliance for Community Media at the House Telecommunications Subcommittee Hearing, “PEG Services in the Digital Age,” January 29, 2008.

Chairman Ed Markey (D, MA-07) responded:

“I think every guy who is here knows – and every woman who sees a guy with a clicker in his hand – knows that that guy can watch the news, a sporting event, and a movie simultaneously, clicking back and forth – and no guy waiting a minute and thirty seconds for any station to come on, so that has to get fixed.”

Written testimony from the ACM, the Mayor of Dearborn, MI, AT&T, and Comcast, is available here.

The hearing video can be streamed and downloaded from here.

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