Community Media: Selected Clippings – 02/15/08

Candidates to provide public with answers
by Julio Tejeda
Derry News (NH)

LONDONDERRY — This weekend, voters will have their first chance to get answers from the candidates running for office.  The town’s annual Candidate Forum will take place Saturday, Feb. 16, at 9 a.m. in the Moose Hill room at Town Hall. It will be broadcast live on Public Access TV.   —>

Minneapolis bridges the digital gap
by Anna Ewart, Minnesota Daily
Twin Cities Daily Planet (MN)

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The Digital Inclusion Fund awarded $200,000 in grants to help provide technological access to low-income families.  As part of its contract to build a citywide wireless network, US Internet Wireless agreed to help bridge the “digital divide” in Minneapolis.

Last month, the Digital Inclusion Fund awarded $200,000 in grants to nine organizations working to improve technology access and education. The fund, which is part of a community benefits agreement financed by the wireless company, was designed to support programs that work with new users of technology who historically might not have had access, such as immigrants and low-income families…

The other eight organizations that received Digital Inclusion Fund grants are the Minneapolis Public Library, Phyllis Wheatley Community Center, Plymouth Christian Youth Center, Project for Pride in Living, the St. Paul Neighborhood Network, the Bridge for Runaway Youth, TVbyGIRLS and the Twin Cities Media Alliance…

Rebecca Richards Bullen, associate director of TVbyGIRLS, said her organization will use grant money to pay for staff, technology and supplies for media workshops for girls.  The workshops would focus on media literacy and technical training for the participants, girls from diverse communities across the city, she said.   —>

The Jammies on Rapid Growth Media
Grand Rapids Community Media Center (MI)

Not only did this year’s WYCE Jammies garner some positive attention in print and on TV, but we also got some nice coverage from the online media — specifically our friends at Rapid Growth Media. Take a look at the video highlights they put together from this year’s Jammies.

FREE Jammies music downloads!
Grand Rapids Community Media Center (MI)

Whether or not you made it out for WYCE’s 9th Annual Jammies celebration at Wealthy Theatre, you have a chance to enjoy the music. Thanks to our sponsor,, music from Jammies artists will be available to download for FREE! That includes some songs recorded live at the Jammies, as well as tracks off the local award winners’ albums.

Just go to, type WYCE in the search box, and pick out your favorite songs by local artists.

Note: Songs will be posted over a period of time, starting this week. The entire Jammies collection should be online within a week of the event (by Tuesday, Feb. 19).   —>

New game show seeks crew
by Laura Power
Northern News Services (Canada)

Yellowknife – If Chris White at Western Arctic Moving Pictures (WAMP) has his way, a few new shows will be added into the mix on community access television (channel 20).

White came up with the idea for a new cooking game show one day in the supermarket, and has since brainstormed a few possibilities involving live music and local film broadcasts.  “We’re just looking to encourage more production here in Yellowknife,” White said. “Why not try and revive the age-old custom of community access television?”   —>

December 1977 : QUBE TV
by Zartan
LiveJournal: Pacific Novelty


A couple of years ago, I was thumbing through an old (1981) reading textbook called Rainbow Shower. One piece that really caught my eye, both for the artwork and its content, was called “QUBE TV”; it described an interactive television system that, at first, I thought had been made up as some sort of fanciful, imagination-stoking “what if?” for kids to read and discuss.  Turns out it wasn’t….

…Just found a six-part YouTube series of QUBE footage and demos! The first part is here, and for once, the comments threads are not a complete wasteland.   —>



compiled by Rob McCausland
Alliance for Community Media

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