Community Media: Selected Clippings – 03/20/08

Going on a Media Slimming Diet in a Media Saturated World
by wanderer7
Gaia Community


we live in a media saturated world

in fact, it’s almost unavoidable …

the sounds of radio, the blare of television, discarded newspapers …

billboards, people wearing t-shirts with highly charged messages …

this could be a propaganda war …

just like you don’t eat every piece of food you come into vicinity with …

treat your mind with the same respect …

is this media I am eating fresh, wholesome, unrefined, no-additives?

or is it fast-food media, media designed to make a profit, to keep you hungry?

your consciousness is a sacred space

keep it that way

love and light

The Government of Canada Supports Community Radio Stations

Community radio stations will continue contributing to the visibility and vitality of Canada’s minority official-language communities, thanks to an investment by the Government of Canada. On behalf of the Honourable Josee Verner, Minister of Canadian Heritage, Status of Women and Official Languages, Pierre Lemieux, Parliamentary Secretary for Official Languages and Member of Parliament (Glengarry-Prescott-Russell), today announced funding for a number of projects led by community radio stations in Canada. The total funding of $539,471 will, among other things, be used to establish and manage community radio stations. —>

Wanted: Someone to run local cable access
Comcast offers funds, hands over the reins
by Katheleen Conti
Boston Globe (MA)

As Revere prepares to take over its local cable operation, members of the new cable access committee – and the mayor – do not expect to meet the June 1 deadline. Comcast asked the city to take over local cable access as part of its renewed 10-year contract, Mayor Thomas G. Ambrosino said. “Comcast wants out of the studio business,” Ambrosino said. “There are a lot of restrictions. I would expect a transition period of six months after June 1.”

While a Comcast spokesman would not confirm whether the company asked Revere to assume responsibility for its local access programming, the agreement reflects recent contract renewals between the company and other communities such as Newburyport, Peabody, and Saugus. Each of those communities formed a nonprofit organization, with funds from Comcast to operate cable access.

The transfer of operations is better for the communities because “it returns access television to its rightful owners, the community and its residents,” said Comcast spokesman Marc Goodman. “More communities are making the choice to transition to the access corporation model so they have more control.” Comcast provides funding to communities taking over their own access operations, “based on each community’s cable-related needs,” Goodman said. Revere Comcast customers will continue to be charged a franchise fee that will support the local access operation, Goodman said.

Ambrosino said the company is prepared to give the city $375,000 for initial capital and equipment, and $300,000 for the annual operating cost for the duration of the 10-year contract. In a January letter to the City Council, Ambrosino expressed frustration ov er negotiations with Comcast, saying that, “although the city preferred to avoid this transfer of studio control, Comcast was adamant.” Ambrosino said he has tried to court competitor Verizon to come to the city to provide residents with more choice, but to no avail.

In Peabody, the local access transition took several months to be completed and there were some glitches along the way, said Mayor Michael J. Bonfanti. The city had to find a new studio, hire full- and part-time staff, and set up a board of directors, among other things. The nonprofit Peabody Access Telecommunications Inc. has been up and running for a year now, in what Bonfanti calls “a very successful, modern, state-of-the-art facility.” —>

Newbury: No comment: Opinions lacking on cable service
By Victor Tine
Newburypost News (MA)

With a 28-day comment period due to expire next week, the selectmen’s office has received only one letter about the Comcast cable TV company’s public programming. Selectmen’s Administrative Assistant Kathleen Sirois said the only comment she has received so far is from Triton Regional School Committee member Suzanne Densmore, who expressed dissatisfaction with a lack of coverage of the committee’s meetings.

The Board of Selectmen and the town’s Cable TV Advisory Committee held a public hearing on Feb. 26 on the topic of Comcast’s public access programming. The hearing was held during a snowstorm and only one person offered a comment. Selectmen decided to accept additional written or e-mailed comments for 28 days after the hearing, a window that will close next Tuesday, March 25. —>

WCCA-TV lobbying city for improvement money
Station operating in the red for several years
Worcester Telegram & Gazette ( MA)


WORCESTER— Supporters of the local public access cable channel last night lobbied city officials for additional funding so WCCA-TV can purchase equipment and make improvements to its facilities. Mauro DePasquale, executive director of WCCA TV-13, said he is grateful for the consideration given in the city’s new five-year cable contract with Charter Communications for his station and the city’s education and government channels. But, he said, the funding earmarked in the contract for the three so-called PEG stations (public access, education and government) will only provide level funding for WCCA, at a time when it has been operating in the red the past few years. —>

IGE Talks: Babies Having Babies
Media Mouse (MI)

[ comments invited ]

Here is the latest “IGE Talks,” a monthly cable access show hosted by the Institute for Global Education (IGE) and aired on Grand Rapids’ public access television. As part of our ongoing efforts to support independent and do-it-yourself media here in West Michigan, we will be posting these shows each month. In this episode, “IGE Talks” discusses “babies having babies:” The topic for the next show is “national spank out month.” It will be taped on April 3 at 7:00pm at the IGE office. IGE is located at 1118 Wealthy Street SE. The public is welcome to participate in the discussion.

My TV Interview With Perils for Pedestrians
by Eric Fredericks

[ comments invited ]

The video embedded above is Episode 139 of the television program Perils for Pedestrians, produced by John Wetmore. John interviewed me in this episode on the topic of walkable neighborhoods. My interview appears approximately 7:35 into the episode. The program appeared last night on DISH Network Channel 9411 — The Universityhouse Channel. Perhaps it will air again sometime in the future. You also may catch it on some local public access channels or online at Google Video.

I really want to thank John for the opportunity to give the interview. He threw some interesting and unscripted questions my way. John shot this video last September on a Sunday morning just across from my neighborhood park—beautiful Capitol Park in Downtown Sacramento. Most weekdays there would be many more pedestrians, bicyclists, and vehicles passing by. —>

Message from Lawrence Pugliese
STTV Scranton Today! (PA)

[ comments invited ]

Friends and Colleagues:
Thank you for the years of interest and support… It’s been my honor and pleasure to serve my community through Stories, Wisdom & Recipes… I hope to continue the program within the new paradigm presently being created by ECTV.

It’s been a great run Scranton Today. Your legacy will always be on display within all future variations of public access television in NEPA. Your pioneering work will be remembered by those in the future who trace back through time this region’s strong sense of civic understanding and involvement. My compliments and my gratitude to you for establishing this wonderfully democratic ideal into something real. Here’s to its future, and to all who’ve been involved as supporters and producers. —>

Cliff Frazier
by Daa”iya L. Sanusi
New York Amsterdam News

The legacy and vision of Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. has been carried on the shoulders of many men, but one of these stands beyond the rest in his fulfillment of that vision: Cliff Frazier. The vision of the beloved community free of racism and violence and poverty has been a guiding vision for Frazier since he and Woodie King, Jr. burst onto the theater scene in Detroit, Mich., decades ago.

Early in his life, after attending Wayne State University and graduating from the Will-O-Way School of Theatre in Bloomfield Hills, Mich., he appeared in numerous theatrical and television productions. His performance in Krapp’s “Last Tape” was reviewed by the renowned Broadway director and critic Harold Clurman. “Frazier’s performance was masterful. He is one of the finest actors in the United States. His performance is considered legendary. Frazier is an Emmy Award winner and has produced over 40 film and television productions. He has served as an advisor to the New York City Mayor’s Office of Film, TV and Theatre and developed initiatives aimed at increasing apprenticeships and training opportunities for people of color and women in the motion picture, television and advertising industries. He is also chair of Woodie King Jr.’s New Federal Theatre.

As past president, executive director and administrator of three highly successful training institutions—the Institute of New Cinema Artists, Third World Cinema Productions and Community Film Workshop Council spanning 1968–86—Frazier created media training and employment in the motion picture, television, recording and other media industries. He also founded community media centers throughout the United States and Puerto Rico, which provided local television programming and built bridges of understanding between alienated and hostile groups. —>

compiled by Rob McCausland
Alliance for Community Media

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