Community Media: Selected Clippings – 04/26/08

Backyard Permaculture in Oregon: Peak Moment TV
by Sami Grover


It’s been a while since we checked in on Peak Moment TV, the innovative public access TV show bringing you “Community Responses for a Changing Energy Future”. In the episode above, Peak Moment explores White Sage Gardens, an Oregon experiment in backyard permaculture-informed sustainability created by Scott McGuire. —>

Community in transition
by Jose Cardenas
St. Petersburg Times (FL)


—> Now the YWCA and various non-profits and government agencies have launched an effort to integrate the Hispanic immigrant community more into the mainstream. To start, the YWCA’s Hispanic Leadership Council last year interviewed 4,400 immigrants in Clearwater and other parts of the county. That survey helped the council develop a three-year plan to address five areas of need: […]

In its brief existence, the leadership council already started initiatives toward the five goals it developed from the survey. It is working with the Pinellas County school district adult education section and libraries to establish English classes. The classes would take place after hours since many immigrants juggle more than one job. The council also is working on a plan to put English classes on public-access television. —>

Cabrillo journalism chair discusses future of program
by Isaiah Guzman
Santa Cruz Sentinel

The fast-changing newspaper industry is searching for a new success formula. Cabrillo College’s journalism program is trying to do the same. Program Chair Dave Sheftman and a group of local media members discussed those issues during an advisory committee meeting at the campus’ Sesnon House on Friday. As the newspaper business has put more and more emphasis on the Internet and visual and audio media, Cabrillo has started a six-year plan for “convergence media” training. “The growth for the program is not in print,” Sheftman said.

Cabrillo’s journalism department has given extra focus to its television and radio classes and online edition of the student newspaper, The Voice. The program has acquired new video and photography equipment and has partnered with community television and radio to give students a chance to produce programs. Sheftman’s ultimate objective during his four years as chair has been to build a two-year degree program and add diversity. “I think a huge platform for [diversity] is radio and television,” he said. —>

compiled by Rob McCausland
Alliance for Community Media

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